January 19, 2019

A new book by Victor Hvozd, President of the Independent Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”

“Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State's Intelligence Activity” is the title of Victor Hvozd's new monograph, devoted to the comprehensive analysis of intelligence activities in the context of the system of ensuring the national security of the State. In fact, this is the only one we have published on this subject and it can be considered the basis for further study on such important theme as Intelligence. Especially as the author, referring to the experience gained during the repulsion of Russia's armed aggression in the East of Ukraine in 2014–2018, points out certain features of such an analysis, which today has become the basis of Ukrainian lawmaking in intelligence sphere and highlights its various aspects. Based on available scientific studies and publications and the new Ukrainian legislation on national security, the author analyses in detail the intelligence activity in the system of ensuring the national security of our country through the prism of historical, legal and political aspects of such activity not only in Ukraine, but also in leading countries of the world.

The monograph consists of 21 chapters, which are united in six sections with the following titles: “Philosophy of Intelligence”, “Historical Sources and Main Stages of the Development of the Ukrainian Intelligence”, “The structure of the Intelligence Services of the Leading Countries of the World”, “National Security of the State,” “Intelligence agencies of Ukraine”, “International and Security Trends in the Modern World”. It is complemented by illustrations that help to understand and generalize the content of the book. As for the relevance of the topic under study, the author of the monograph refers, in particular, to the new, adopted in June 2018, Law of Ukraine “On National Security of Ukraine”. It defines that “intelligence agencies, as subjects of the national security and defense of Ukraine, are involved in the formation and implementation of state policy on national security and defense in the spheres determined by Law”.

Providing a comprehensive analysis of the historical, legal and political aspects of the intelligence activities of the world leading countries and Ukraine, the author presents concrete historical dates of the creation of current intelligence agencies — Military Intelligence and Foreign Intelligence of Ukraine, defines the terms “intelligence community of Ukraine”, “diplomatic intelligence”, “geopolitical intelligence”, “insurgent intelligence” and provides recommendations for improving the system of supporting the national security of Ukraine, formation of an intelligence community, legal regulation of the organization and work of Ukrainian intelligence agencies and control of their activities. He also describes in detail the stages of creation of the Ukrainian Intelligence, from the times of Kievan Rus, Cossacks' period and to the present. In particular, it is very interesting to read about the activity of the intelligence of the Hetmanate, of the Central Rada, in the times when the State was led by Hetman P. Skoropadskyi or the Directory. Special attention is paid to intelligence in the Western Ukrainian People's Republic, and then — of the State Center of the UPR in exile, where Ukrainian patriots were forced to go after their defeat in confrontation with their eastern and western neighbors.

The author also provides information on intelligence agencies of the leading countries of the world such as the United States, France, Britain, the Russian Federation, the Federal Republic of Germany, Israel or the People's Republic of China. And, paying attention to some of their peculiarities, he explains why the structures of those states are what they are, and not different; who was at the root of their creation, what principles they were guided by and how these structures succeeded. Incidentally, in each chapter of the monograph there is a section that describes the legal aspects and indirectly tells what should be improved in the work of modern intelligence agencies of Ukraine, whose role nowadays cannot be overestimated.

Therefore, in the chapter “National Security of the State” devoted to Ukraine, the author highlighted the materials under the titles “Control and Supervision of the Activities of Special Services and Intelligence Agencies of the State”, “Principles of National Security of Ukraine”, “Reforming the System of Supporting the National Security of Ukraine”, etc. The chapter is logically supplemented by “Legal Aspects of the Organization and Activity of the Intelligence Agencies of Ukraine”, which covers relevant themes related to Ukrainian intelligence agencies, the main provisions of their legal regulation, control and supervision over their work.

As for the last chapter of the monograph — “International and Security Trends in the Modern World”, its content is relevant in view of current geopolitical events. The author also points out that the world of the Postmodern era is characterized by the nonlinear development of socio-political processes, which manifests itself in their rapidity and conflictogenity, due to a significant exacerbation of territorial, demographic, confessional, environmental, food and other problems. And pointing out, he agrees with the conclusions of recognized experts who warn that with the aggravation of confrontation between the leading centers of power there will be a threat of a worldwide catastrophe with unpredictable consequences. The author agrees with the conclusions of authoritative researchers who believe that at the beginning of the 21st century in the activity of intelligence there is a revolution — the third in a row, if we take into account the two previous ones during the First and Second World wars. In particular, the result of this third revolution should be modern intelligences — political, military, and all that belong to the intelligence community.

The presentation of the book will be on January 24, 2019 at Ukrinform (Kyiv, B. Khmelnitsky 8\16) at 4 pm.

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