May 11, 2018

Russia After Putin

Serhiy Polyovyk

Among those who seriously influence the current geopolitics of Ukraine with regard to its further positioning on the European and world map, we can consider our northern neighbor — Russia, which for centuries has been generating problems for our state, blocking Ukraine's independent successful development. Including through the undeclared war that Moscow has been leading against Ukraine over the last four years.

Leading European experts are now openly asking: How to build the security of the world community after the end of Russia's aggression, which in various forms is observed on almost all continents? What will the bankrupt “naked king” Putin and his entourage do when the Kremlin has no money for bribing European and world politicians, governments and heads of TNCs who are lobbying the Putin clan's interests?

European analysts and experts are considering variants of Russia's civilized integration into the European and world community after V. Putin's giving up power and changes in political elites in Russia. But options for such integration are possible only without the current Russian president, after Russia has ceased armed conflicts, in particular in Ukraine.

Such recommendations by German experts aim at a positive settlement of conflict situations around Russia and do not yet foresee the processes of reintegration of the regions of Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, which suffered as a result of Russian aggression. And for Ukraine, it would be expedient to use every opportunity for summits to express its concern about the West's current perception of the Russian war in Ukraine, to show our being interested in the world community's real measures to punish Russia for its aggression, violation of international law, and to emphasize the inevitability of that punishment for the Putin regime for all the crimes it has committed.

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