June 16, 2018

Syria: Russia Is “Selling Out” Iran


Vadym Volokhov

The events of recent weeks and the development of the military-political situation in Syria undeniably indicate that Russia is changing its priorities and creating conditions for “squeezing” Iran and its proxies from Syria. In fact, Moscow has begun to clean up “Iranian friends” in the close environment of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The forces of the Russian police, with the support of the government troops, are gaining control of the most important objects in Damascus: the government buildings, airport, central bank, radio and television. This reminds me a little of the events of the now far past year 1979, when the Soviet Union was preparing for bringing troops to Afghanistan — at that moment one ally was to be replaced with another.

Moscow very much wants to remain among those who will decide on the future of Damascus, and Tehran is now becoming a dangerous ally, which has to be “sold out”. At this, we must keep in mind that after Iran it will be Russia's turn to leave Syria because its presence will be undesirable and new forces will not stand Russian troops and bases in the territory of the renewed Syria.

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