November 1, 2016

Anybody Still Skeptic about Our IT Professionals?

Bohdan Sokolovskyi

Lately in Ukraine, there has been gaining momentum the excitement for electronic declaration, which has been closely watched both, here and abroad. In particular, we mean the “failures” in the software system. On the other hand, on 26 October 2016, was published allegedly RF President's Assistant Vladislav Surkov's correspondence, got by the “CyberHunta” Ukrainian hacker group. It is said to even have been confirmed by the well-known Western company “Bellingcat”, which “came to light” so nicely in connection with the investigation of the tragedy of Flight MH-17 (strangely, there is no official statement from the company itself — for example, on its official website). So, the scandal with e-declaration due to the alleged drawbacks in the software has been carefully analyzed both in Ukraine and abroad, in the EU, in the USA and at the IMF. Among other things, whether one likes it or not, it is perceived mainly as a proof of the lack of qualified IT professionals in our country.

Against the background of the above-mentioned scandal with the electronic declaration, V. Surkov's correspondence obtained by hackers has played into the hands of the IT professionals. After all, people who express a relevant interest, see this “hacking” as evidence of the fact that the Ukrainian group “CyberHunta” consists of programmers thanks to whose professionalism and intellect made possible the access to the email of a high-rank official in Russia where they pay great attention to cyber security. In other words, the results of this hacker attack demonstrate that there are highly qualified IT professionals in Ukraine. Perhaps there are no proper contacts with them... But that is quite a different issue.

Of course, the objectivity of the above-mentioned material about V. Surkov's correspondence allegedly obtained through hacking must be checked by relevant services and departments. But it has already fulfilled its PR-function — having let know that Ukraine does have highly qualified IT professionals.