November 9, 2016

Ukraine Has Rounded out the Top-30 of the Strongest Armies in the World

Global FirepowerAccording to research of the authoritative international organization Global Firepower, which annually assesses the military capacity of more than 100 countries, Ukraine is 30th in the world ranking of the strongest military powers in the world for 2016.

At first glance, the result seems not bad, but the question arises: why within more than two years Ukraine has lost 9 points? Well, on the one hand, we see the Ukrainian Army, which in 2014, according to many estimates, de facto did not exist, and on the other — the results of the research of the Global Firepower, — where Ukraine's position has changed in the opposite direction — from the 21st places (2014), in the world rating of the strongest countries in the world we have dropped to the 30th place (2016).

Ukrinform asked the military experts, why the Ukrainian Army, which was considered “dead” in the first months of Russia's aggression, was at that time the 21st in the rating, and today the country that is deterring the tide of the nominally much more powerful aggressor, is only the 30th?

This question asked by the Agency's reporter Myroslav Liskovych was answered by the Vice President of the Independent Analytical Centre for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”, Candidate of Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Lieutenant-General Yuriy Radkovets, who expressed his own opinion on the matter, and it is difficult not to agree with him.

By the way, unchanged over the last years remain the ratings of the United States — the first place, Russia — the second, and the Army of China — the third.

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