March 22, 2015

On the evidence and villains

The hardest thing is to prove the obvious

William Joseph Casey (1913–1987)

William Casey — thirteenth Director of Central Intelligence and the head of the US Central Intelligence Agency (1981-1987).

The position of Director of Central Intelligence was established before the formation of the CIA and included additional responsibilities. However, until April 2005 Director of the Central Intelligence Agency served as head of the CIA, and therefore was mostly known as the "Director of the CIA." In 2005 was created a separate position of Director of the CIA.

Since 1981, Casey, as Director of Central Intelligence, had coordinated intelligence activities between the various US special services, ministries and agencies involved in collecting intelligence, and known by the single name "The US Intelligence Community."

Casey owns a popular expression:

Use the villains, if you want to quickly get the job done