May 13, 2019

Latin America. Analytical Review 04/2019


Kateryna Vakarchuk

The Political and Economic Situation in April 2019


Latin America is a region that dynamically integrates into global international processes with every year coming, and becomes involved in high-profile events, often acting as a subject engaged in solving important international issues. For example, Ecuador, which seems to be far from active global political life, attracted the attention of world media by the arrest of the scandalous journalist Julian Assange. President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has made breakthroughs in foreign policy, in particular, has established close ties with Turkey. By the way, the similarity of the political figures of the Presidents of Bolivia and Turkey is beyond doubt. The United States is looking for reliable allies in the region to eliminate the Venezuelan political crisis, first of all, among the Latin American states. Even Paraguay is no exception in this situation.

This April's events in Latin America showed that international actors such as Turkey are interested in active cooperation with left-wing governments of Latin American countries. Brazil's withdrawal from UNASUR suggests the beginning of new reformating of forces in the region and strengthening of right-wing regimes in Latin America. In the future, these trends will only gain momentum and we will be able to witness new formations, like the PROSUR, that meet new challenges and threats in the world. As for Venezuela's withdrawal from the OAS, this can lead to detrimental effects, in particular, isolation and blockade of the Bolivarian country. A striking example in the historical context can be the fate of Cuba…

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