June 19, 2019

Latin America. Analytical Review 05/2019


Kateryna Vakarchuk

The Political and Economic Situation in May 2019


The countries of Latin America are conducting their own foreign policy courses, seeking new allies and partners. This time, the Cuban leadership, under Helms-Burton Act, in May 2019,  made a number of visits  to countries that provided support to Cuba  in its struggle  against US sanctions, and, interestingly, the European Union was on this list.

Venezuela is recovering after Juan  Guaido's unsuccessful attempt to consolidate power throughout the country and get the military's support.

Brazilian President after 100 days in power, is losing ratings,  and the country was swept by large-scale mass demonstrations due to the reduction of budget expenditures on humanitarian education.

Interestingly, under the rule of President of Argentina  C. Kirchner, the facts of close ties with Russia and friendly relations with Putin are revealed.

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