August 19, 2019

Latin America. Analytical Review 07/2019


Kateryna Vakarchuk

The Political and Economic Situation in July 2019


Events in July 2019 were full of Latin American countries leaders' various trips to and meetings in different corners of the world.

For example, the President of Ecuador is trying to dramatically change his country's foreign policy, seeking allies in the EU.

The President of Bolivia is further promoting the socialist path of his country's development, enlisting Russia's support on the international stage.

The United States is concerned with the issue of global illegal migration, as the new migration agreement between the United States and Mexico is coming into force. In general, the USA's position on changing relations with some Latin American countries remains evident. Revising the USA's migration policy and shifting responsibility to Mexico will, of course, worsen relations with Mexico. Mexico, in turn, is deepening relations with China in many spheres.

Colombia, despite its 2016's peaceful agreements with the FARC, continues to encounter periodically tragic pages in its history.

The issue of peaceful settlement of the crisis in Venezuela seems to worry everyone, but Venezuela itself. Leaders of many countries in the region are negotiating with the EU and the USA to minimize the effects of the terrible migration crisis and humanitarian disaster in Venezuela.

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