October 19, 2019

Latin America. Analytical Review 08–09/2019

The Political and Economic Situation in August–September 2019


Kateryna Vakarchuk

The events of this period demonstrate that Latin American countries have long become independent actors in international relations. However, weak political institutions and corruption cause the inaction of leaders, which leads to catastrophic consequences. For example, such as fires in the Amazon region.

An important event was the participation of Latin American countries in the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, which discussed fire fighting, imposing sanctions on Venezuela and Cuban leader R. Castro.

The Venezuelan President's visit to Russia only confirmed Moscow's intentions to struggle for influence in the region and to uphold its geopolitical ambitions.

The planned visit of President of Ukraine V. Zelenskyi to the countries of Latin America may be the beginning of a process of changes in relations with such a geographically distant but economically attractive region for our country.

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