October 1, 2019

Afghanistan: Bloodstained Presidential Election

Taking into consideration the experience of the 2014 election, Afghanistan's western allies may “change the leader”


Vadym Volokhov

As planned, on Saturday, September 28, 2019, presidential election was held in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

As far as I know Afghanistan, it can be assumed that the fate of Afghanistan's future and the formation of an interim government, which the Taliban may be part of, may not depend on the current presidential election at all. Considering the origins of the intense political struggle between the President Ashraf Ghani and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, as well as the goals they pursue, one can predict that it may never come to the second round.

Taking into consideration the previous experience of the 2014 presidential election, Afghanistan's western allies may “change the leader” and back Dr. A. Abdullah.

The situation must change, the war cannot last forever. Afghanistan needs peace, and the way to it goes through a ceasefire and formation of an interim government, which should include the Taliban. The current president is in favor of the complete destruction of the Taliban, but a “war on the last Afghan” does not suit Washington. Dr. A. Abdullah may be a “way out of the dead end”.

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