March 31, 2014

The Agony of the Empire

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Oleksiy Volovych

The Agony of the Empire


In the history of nations there happen revolutionary periods, when the time is compressed and the situation is changing at lightning speed, so that even people at the epicenter of events do not have time to understand everything, let alone — to foresee. It will take us a lot of time to understand what has been happening in our country during the last three months, what is happening now and will be happening in the nearest future.

On February 21 in Kiev was signed an agreement "On resolving the crisis in Ukraine."
On February 21 in Kiev was signed an agreement "On resolving the crisis in Ukraine."
The agreement was signed by President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, three leaders of the opposition Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Vitali Klitschko and Oleg Tyahnibok, the foreign ministers of Germany and Poland, Frank-Walter Steinmeier and Radoslaw Sikorski,  Head of the Department of continental Europe, the French Foreign Ministry, Eric Fournier.
Text of the agreement

On February 21, when the former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and the three opposition leaders signed the agreement “On the settlement of the crisis in Ukraine”, few could predict that the regime would collapse so quickly and V. Yanukovych would flee from Kiev. Few could predict that the people's revolution would eliminate the regime, relying on half a million Party of Regions, tens of thousands of pro-government officials, the Police and the Security Service of Ukraine, with their diverse units of Special Task Forces, Internal Forces and the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Before the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych shamefully left Kiev, Moscow had stated that it would not interfere into the internal conflict in Ukraine, and accused of such intervention the U.S. and European countries demonstrating their solidarity with the Ukrainian people in its European aspirations and in its confrontation with the criminal regime. Moscow believed that Yanukovych would be able to resume his control over the country. But this did not happen. Few doubted that the Kremlin would not like the overthrow of Viktor Yanukovych's anti-people regime in Ukraine, more so — that it would cause untamable hysteria.

Indeed, the Kremlin using the unstable situation in Ukraine, decided to start implementing its previously planned various political and economic measures. Blackmailing and pressing the new Ukrainian government, it lets everyone know that it intends to continue to dictate its terms to Ukraine, as it had been doing during the entire period of Ukraine's independence. But few could have foreseen that as soon as a new government was formed in Ukraine, the Kremlin would dare to a flagrant and unprovoked armed intervention.

It is well known that the official Moscow perceived and perceives independence of Ukraine as something abnormal and temporary. Even Putin has not been hiding it for a long time. Thus, at the meeting in Sochi after the NATO summit in Bucharest in early April 2008, V. Putin said to the U.S. President George W. Bush the following, “You know, George, Ukraine — is not even a state! What is Ukraine? Part of it territory is Eastern Europe, and a part, and big enough, we gave!”

During the whole period of independence, and especially in the reign of Vladimir Putin, has been led a policy aimed at turning Ukraine's independence into fiction. At this Moscow largely succeeded.

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: state of preparation of the armed forces is pitiable
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine: state of preparation of the armed forces is pitiable

Today at least 70% of the Ukrainian economy is under the control of the Russian capital. In recent years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine actually were not developing. Talented Ukrainian patriot officers were dismissed or deprived of any prospect of promotion. Power structures — the Defence Ministry, Security Service, Internal Ministry and the Internal Troops, General Prosecutor's Office — all were headed by extremely corrupted pro-Russian leaders. Russian spy network like cancer had spread to all government agencies of Ukraine, in particular, the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Security Service, “Ukroboronprom” (Defence Industries) and its subsidiaries. In Ukraine, were created pro-Putin Ukrainophobic organizations, which became the basis of the fifth column. In the “independent” Ukraine Russification was being carried out significantly more actively than even during the Soviet period.

"Kivalov-Kolesnichenko Law" of Ukraine guarantees the use of "regional languages"
"Kivalov-Kolesnichenko Law" of Ukraine guarantees the use of "regional languages", ie languages, according to census data are native for more than 10 % of the population of the corresponding region). Within this region, the regional language can be used in the statutory areas together with the state Ukrainian language. These languages ??include: Russian, Belarusian, Bulgarian , Armenian, Gagauz , Yiddish, Crimean Tatar, Moldavian , German, Modern Greek, Polish, Romani , Romanian, Slovak , Hungarian, Rusyn , Karaite  and  Krymchak languages

Today in Ukraine there are 10 times more newspapers and magazines published in Russian than in Ukrainian. Television and radio programs in Russian make 80%. August 8, 2012, Viktor Yanukovych signed the fraudulently adopted by a majority of the Verkhovna Rada anti-Ukrainian language “Kivalov-Kolesnichenko's Law”, deeply and painfully hurting the dignity of Ukrainians. (See “Our language — our weapons in the fight for Ukraine” —

As soon as the Kremlin realized that Kiev was ready to throw off the shackles of Putin's neo-empire, it immediately began to use the whole arsenal of coercion designed to further destabilize the situation in Ukraine. First of all it was announced that in Ukraine took place allegedly unconstitutional armed seizure of power, although the elected in October 2012 Verkhovna Rada remained in its full composition. Russia has not recognized the new, formed by the new parliamentary coalition, A. Yatsenyuk's government.

New government of Ukraine
New government of Ukraine


Where are members of the government from
Where are members of the government from

Today we bow our heads and pay tribute to the heroes of the “The Heaven's Hundred” and to hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who fought desperately on Maydans of the country against Yanukovych's criminal regime, defeated it and got a historic victory. But to be honest, we must admit that into the solid ranks of millions of fighters for freedom rubbed in obvious provocateurs and anarchists-chieftains, including the Right sector of the Kyiv Maydan, who with their provocative, meaningless, and sometimes criminal actions discredit the image of the Ukrainian Revolution, causing dissatisfaction and concern not only of the pro-Russian population in the Ukrainian South, East, and in the Crimea, but even in western and central regions of the country, not to mention European countries.

They pretty much gave grounds to the Kremlin propaganda machine to start a large-scale information-propaganda campaign, arguing that Russian-speaking citizens were threatened by some “national-fascism”. That's what gave Putin a formal reason for bringing troops into the Crimea and declaration of war to the whole Ukraine (although, of course, even without such a reason, he certainly would have found another). This, in particular, is confirmed by V. Putin's press conference on March 4, where he even claimed that snipers who had been killing protesters on the Maydan in Kiev could have been commanded by one of the opposition parties. Goebbels himself would envy such insinuations. Is it any wonder that Russian media show all events in Ukraine with the help of active use of distorting mirrors of Putin's propaganda.

I was and still am a supporter of non-violent people's resistance to criminal ruling regimes. I wrote about this in my article “Bloody Baptizing” ( Mass peaceful resistance has greater moral advantages of honor, resilience, fortitude, clear mind and patriotism before the brute and immoral physical force. These qualities are now showing thousands of our glorious soldiers, sailors and officers in the Crimea, remaining faithful to the oath to the Ukrainian people and not succumbing to provocations of Russian aggressors or local armed gangs and Aksyonov's illegal puppet “government”.

Admiral Kabanenko: Armed Forces of Ukraine can protect state
Admiral Kabanenko: Armed Forces of Ukraine can protect state

But if the red line is crossed, and the occupiers use weapons, our soldiers will be forced to rebuff superior occupation forces. Resorting to incredibly rough psychological and physical pressure on our soldiers, the invaders are trying to force them to open fire first. That is what the Kremlin clique wants, because the outbreak of hostilities would give them the opportunity to start a full-scale intervention and to strengthen the pseudo-patriotic hysteria among Russian citizens, which would be regarded as support to the regime of Vladimir Putin.

But today, thank God, Ukraine is not left alone with the internal and external enemies in its struggle for a better future. Today, no country supports Putin's actions. Today, together with the international community, we must do everything possible to prevent bloodshed between the two fraternal peoples — Ukrainians and Russians. First of all, I hope that the fraternal Russian people show solidarity and does not allow insane Kremlin strategists to realize their fratricidal plans.

Despite the extreme dramatics of the situation in the country caused by the Russian intervention in the Crimea and subversive actions of Russian secret services in the East and South of Ukraine, we should not fill our hearts with rage and hatred towards the brotherly Russian people, no matter how much those who sew grains of discord between us desire it. We should not humiliate ourselves through defamation of Putin. This won't make him better, nor will it make our situation easier. Let Putin's aggression against Ukraine be assessed by the Russian people, who elected him to the high and responsible post of head of the Russian state.

Putin and his court scribblers-political scientists are still unable to infect the entire Russian people with the poisonous virus of chauvinism and Ukrainophobia. And today we more and more feel the support of ordinary Russians and famous Russian politicians and cultural figures. For example, here I will quote a famous Russian journalist Alexandr Nevzorov:

“Ukraine and Russia are going in different directions, at this, the blame for the reluctance of Ukrainians to stay together with Russians is, I think, on Russia. My country cannot be a good neighbor: it is able only to be a policeman, and when someone tries to explain to it that the gendarme functions are not very friendly, and, in general, such a style of behavior is out of date, it begins to be rude. Russia has not yet got used to the thought that it is not any longer a great country, — it somehow cannot get rid of the imperial temptation, of its ages-old habits, and keeps trying to act like a chief, master, though, frankly, it has no grounds for this.” (Source: “Gordon Boulevard” in January 2014, № 4, p. 14).

Frankly speaking, is everything so perfect in Russia that Putin throws his army to help Russian-speaking population in Ukraine? Unfortunately, in Russia people are poor not less, if not more, as compared with the Ukrainian people. To verify this, it is enough to read the report of the Russian Agency RiF ( ru.htm).

Here are a few figures from the report:

“From 1991 to 2008, Russia's population had declined from 148.5 million to 132 million. Annually the indigenous population decreases by 0.7 percent, that is, approximately by 1 million. If this tendency to a decrease of the population remains, by the middle of this century it will approach 100 million, and 80 years later Russian ethnicity will cross the threshold, after which its reproduction will be impossible.

Russia ranks second in Europe for the number of abortions after Romania. Annually in Russia are made 1.6-1.7 million abortions, i.e., 7 out of 10 pregnancies are aborted. Moscow is home to over 12 million inhabitants, of which 3.7 million Russians — about 30 %. There are more Azerbaijanis living in Moscow than in Baku, and Tatars — more than in Kazan.

In Russia there are over 9 million unemployed and more than 4 million homeless. Number of homeless children is at least 4 million, without parental supervision — 8.10 million. Over 2 million teenagers are illiterate; more than 2 million are orphans. In Russia, the health spending per person, averages about 40 US dollars, whereas in the USA this amounts to 2.400 US dollars. Annually in Russia 50.000 people die from medical mistakes.

For reasons of criminal nature annually die more than 150.000 people. At least 40.000 people die each year from the use of low-quality alcohol. Annually from heroin die 30.000 people, disappear without a trace up to 50.000 citizens. In Russia there are 12 million disabled people (almost 10 % of the population!), up to 5 million alcoholics (actually — up to 15 million) and 3 million drug addicts, 1 million of mentally ill, 1 million of TB patients, 2.5 million HIV infected (the first place in the world).

I would like to ask Mr. Putin who will protect Russians in Russia? Why the largest and richest in the world by natural resources Russia by its GDP ranks seventh in the world after the USA, China, Japan, Germany, France and Great Britain? Who today constrains economic and technological development of Russia? Americans? Chinese? Or maybe the same “internal Turks”?

Such are the results of the 13-year rule of Putin, whose means are, according to some data, 40 billion US dollars. How in such a poor country can be such a rich president? How can such a poor country rank second in the world in number of billionaires — 95? Perhaps that is why it is so poor that it has so many billionaires, headed by President Putin? Perhaps that is why we in Ukraine are so poor because we have 22 billionaires, headed by the ex-president Viktor Yanukovych, who, with the support of the Russian Army, dreams to enter Kiev on a white horse? Is the Polish GDP three times larger than the Ukrainian one and the Polish budget twice as big as ours because Poland has no billionaires?

Both, Russia and Ukraine have been victims of rampant oligarchic, fused with the power, capital. The rescue of Russia and Ukraine is in replacing the existing, to put it mildly, inefficient political and economic systems with more viable. Such as in Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain, Poland and other developed countries of the world. Would it not be better for Mr. Putin to abandon unbearable for Russia geopolitical ambitions and to sort things out in his own home?

Hopefully, Mr. Putin will finally come to senses and while it is not too late, will agree at least out of a sense of self-preservation instinct, on an equal dialogue with the new Ukrainian government.

Today we are witnessing the agony of the Russian empire, which even in this condition is still dangerous and can cause a lot of troubles to both, Ukrainian and Russian peoples. I wish in the Kremlin as soon as possible realized that Ukrainians can’t be intimidated, that attempts to put a new puppet in Kiev, even in the rank of Putin's "in-law" won't work. No matter how rage internal and external enemies of Ukraine, they will not be able to sow poisonous grains of feud between Ukrainian and Russian peoples, to deprive them of prospects to live in peace and harmony in their peaceful and sovereign states.

”Black Sea news”, № 018-019, March 6 2014