May 16, 2019

Middle East: a Footstep Away From the “Point of No Return”

May 8, 2019, a predicted and anticipated event took place: the Islamic Republic of Iran officially informed Ambassadors of the United Kingdom, China, Germany, France and Russia that Iran would stop complying with parts of the 2015 “nuclear deal”.

Today, the further development of the situation in the region will depend on Europe's reaction. But we should not lay great hopes on the EU. Europe has shown “concern”, but it will hardly actively interfere with the conflict between the United States and Iran. In general, Tehran's actions can be called a blackmail, but if Europeans refuse to support Iran, the “nuclear deal” will cease to exist.

Thus, the military-political situation in the Middle East continues to intensify. The introduction of an “oil embargo” prompted Iran to partially stop the implementation of the JCPOA, but Tehran should not be expected to stop there. It is likely that all pro-Iranian terrorists in the region will intensify their activity in the near future. Iran again faces the problem of survival and preservation of the Islamic regime.

Under these circumstances, we should remember that the JCPOA was a “deterrent factor” for Israel, which was ready to strike Iran's nuclear facilities. With Iran's withdrawal from the JCPOA, Tel Aviv will not hold back.

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