December 4, 2014

“Church“ allies of the Kremlin

While Pope Francis from Turkey with Patriarch Bartholomew I of Constantinople are calling on Catholics and Orthodox to unity, denouncing Islamic terror and praying with Grand Mufti of Istanbul at the Blue Mosque for ending the fratricidal war in the Middle East and for equal rights of all citizens — Muslims, Jews and Christians, — the Kremlin and the Russian Orthodox Church (Kirill) are supporting and blessing militants in Eastern Ukraine on the protection of the “Russian world” and “Russian Orthodoxy.”

Our foreign friends have given us the opportunity to get acquainted with one of the examples of Lubyanka and Yasenovo's use of Ukrainian and foreign collaborators to support the aggressive plans of Moscow and strengthen opposition in the European community, which shows the role of Russia in the Ukrainian crisis. We are sure that the self-styled “Patriarch of the Byzantine Ecumenical Patriarchate” Elijah (Dognal) and his faithful bishops-secretaries' appeal to presidents and governments of the EU member states, European Commission, European Parliament, Council of Europe and the US Administration does not require a comment.

November 21, 2014
Lviv, Ukraine
To Presidents of the EU member states,
Governments of the EU member States,
representatives of the European Commission,
European Parliament,
representatives of the Council of Europe,
US Administration

Stop the war, prepared by Obama!

Events in Ukraine last year became the barometer which shows the present state of pseudo democracy in Europe and the United States. The European Union, the Council of Europe and the US Administration from the very beginning, had been politically, ideologically and financially supporting what happened in December 2013 — Euromaidan in Kiev. Contrary to the international law and the agreement concluded in February 2014, you “hushed up” what happened February 21, 2014 in Kiev — the event which brought together the bleeding state in accordance with the agreement on the settlement of the situation in the country, signed in the presence of Foreign Ministers of France, Germany and Poland.

Thousands of innocent victims, the use of prohibited weapons, ideological brainwash in Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as the mountains of corpses of people who obviously must have been tortured in the East of Ukraine, did not become a problem either for you or for the UN leadership. In general, you remained calm, as if you were deaf, blind and dumb. You did not do anything necessary to put an end to the destruction of the civilian population of Ukraine. This is evidence of your involvement, consciously or unconsciously, in war crimes and crimes against humanity. We know that you were pressured by America, but the fact that you have stepped aside under this pressure, only confirms that the European Union is under the total political and military control of the United States of America.

Washington has created the not confirmed by anything theory of Russia's military aggression against Ukraine. You, leaders of the European Union, succumbed to pressure and imposed sanctions against Russia, which like a boomerang has returned to you in the form of loss of 6 billion Euros. Barack Obama and his administration are pushing Ukraine to war with Russia. Barack Obama himself and his Administration, controlled by Franco-Massons and the Rockefeller family are the world's biggest security threat. Why? Because they are eager to start a war with Russia, and, consequently, to strengthen their own economy suffering from astronomical debts. This method of rescuing their economy at the cost of Ukraine and Russia's blood is a diabolical project. It would be naive and infantile to believe that this conflict will remain local. This conflict could mean a total collapse of the European economy, and will cost the lives of thousands of Europeans. We hope that you are not supporters of the “golden billion” Club of Rome.

Unfortunately, you, European politicians of the high level, simply and blindly execute Washington's secret and malicious program. Its aim is moral, spiritual, economic and physical suicide of Europe. When will you realize it? Perhaps you are waiting for the bloodshed of European citizens? Perhaps you want war? If war starts, you will be fully responsible for the blood of all the innocent souls that spills. Praised be those of you who strongly oppose to this destructive machine. Do not forget: the day will come when you all will be judged by fair God, from whom you will not be able to hide anything. From Him nothing can be hidden!

We appeal to you with the call to gather into a fist all your courage to stop B. Obama and his program of military conflict with Russia in order to avoid a war. At least 30,000 people have already died. Today you are standing in front of the need to make a decision: life or death. Choose life, for God to bless Ukraine, Europe, USA and Russia!

Stop the war prepared by Obama!


P.S. Ilya Antonín Dognal, born in 1946, a native of the Czech Republic, has repeatedly conflicted with the Roman Catholic hierarchy, maintained contacts with Protestant denominations and communist secret services (according to the newspaper “Express”, since 1978 he has been in the register of authorized persons under number 23064 and pseudonym “Tonek”), since 1989 he has been actively involved in political processes up to the campaign against presidential candidate Vaclav Havel, took part in an attempts to capture monasteries and temples, sought to create his own church structure.

He arrived in Ukraine before the presidential elections of 2004 and in early 2005 he was expelled from one of the major religious orders of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church — Order of St. Basil the Great — for violating monastic and ecclesiastical laws. In March 2008, he declared himself a secretly appointed Bishop, after that he was excommunicated from the UGCC. August 11, 2009 he established the Ukrainian Orthodox Greek-Catholic Church, the Synod of which April 5, 2011 announced the establishment of “Byzantine Catholic Patriarchate” and election of Ilia Dognal the first Patriarch of this self-proclaimed structure.

At the end of the short description of the “patriarch Podgoretskii” let us inform you that in May the same year, Elijah declared about “excommunication” of Popes John Paul II (posthumously) and Benedict XVI, and later put over 5000 anathemas at the world and church leaders — beginning with Barack Obama and Angela Merkel, and with the exception of one man — Vladimir Putin!