December 9, 2013

Black News from Yemen

Volodymyr Guzenko — a graduate of the Military Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(Moscow). Now Volodymyr Guzenko is in the Republic of Yemen, where he can watch one of the revolutions of the “Arab Spring” on the spot


Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote that in Yemen “so far they are not shooting Russians”, meaning, they were after Americans. So, I was wrong...

November 26 in Sana'a, at about 9 o'clock in the morning, were killed two Russian specialists. One died on the spot, the other was delivered to the hospital and died in the intensive care ward. The method of killing is well studied — two on a motorcycle pulled up, took out two pistols with silencers, shot at close range and almost immediately disappeared.

Sana'a. Militant activity increases
Sana'a. Militant activity increases

Both Russian specialists resided in the “Amsterdam” hotel that is in Beynun Street in Sana'a. In the morning they stood at the entrance to the hotel in anticipation of the service bus. Not wait...

The hotel staff almost immediately called the Police. After 10 minutes the Police arrived at the scene, the block was cordoned off. But you know that it is useless, except that for the questioning of witnesses...

The Hotel administration reported that the guests “were considered” Russian and they themselves said so. Here it should be borne in mind that all immigrants from the former Soviet Union, and later from the CIS countries, abroad are referred to as “Russian”. Be they Kazakhs or Yakuts, let alone Ukrainians... The administration also reported that they had settled 4 months ago, but according to the words of the guests, they had been in Yemen for a year. Hotel bills had been covering the General Staff, to be exact — the Foreign Liaison Directorate of Ministry of Defense of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Yemen. What these Russians worked as — advisers, experts, trainers — are not known. Their first names and surnames for some reason are not disclosed. They are only said to had been working in the 3rd Brigade of the government's Guard.

Personally, I somehow doubt that these professionals had been working exactly in the 3rd brigade of the Guard. Why?

Well, firstly, this Brigade is armored, and only tank repair specialists could work there, but they only work in the Central Armored Workshops (by the way, a gorgeous tank repair plant built by Kyivans...). In brigades such specialists had simply nothing to do.

Secondly, the 3rd Brigade of Guard was formed on the basis of the 314th Armored Brigade from the former 1st Armored Division of the rebel General Ali Mohsin and Russian blood could not have been there, by definition, it is excluded. Then what, — a deliberate or accidental misleading? And the names of the killed specialists still have not been published...

But I have my own version. Of course, this is just speculations. You may call them speculations, but I do not see any other version and it and, in my opinion, is quite justified. These professionals could have been from the 4th or 5th Brigade of the Group of Missile Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Yemen. Indeed, since long ago our specialists had been working there, 5 people, not more. They had been overseen by Missile Forces Commander General Ahmed Ali Abdullah al-Ahmar (the son of the former president) himself.

I must say that according to our notions, Sana'a is more like a large village, where all know one another, especially Russians. The “crystallization points” have always been our Doctors. We all preferred to be treated, consult, and then to drink moonshine at our Doctors, exchanging news. That is why we knew that ours had been working in the Missile Forces, while in the Air Force there had been working Belarusians, Ukrainians, Russians, Azerbaijanians.. The same porridge had been also in the Air Defence... But tank specialists had never been mentioned.

Launcher for the tactical missiles R-17 (SS-1c “Scud B”, the export version of R-300)

Launcher for the tactical missiles R-17 (SS-1c “Scud B”, the export version of R-300)

What are the Missile Brigades of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Yemen today?

Firstly, it is a Brigade of Tactical Missiles R-17 (SS-1c “Scud B”, the export mark is R-300) of complex “Elbrus” with a range starting from 50 to 300 km with a warhead weighing up to 1 ton (990 kg), with a circular error probable (CEP) to 450 m. At the moment there are 6 launchers and 33 missiles. They had been widely used during the Civil War between the North and the South in 1994.

Secondly, it is a Brigade of high-precision tactical missiles “Tochka-U” (SS-21 “Scarab”) with a range of up to 120 km from the CEP to 45m, and the affected area up to 2 hectares.

10 units are in service at present. And as far as I know, Yemenis cannot do without our specialists.

Tactical missile launcher “Tochka-U” (SS-21 “Scarab”)
Tactical missile launcher “Tochka-U” (SS-21 “Scarab”)

The Russian Embassy in Sana'a immediately hastened to declare that there is not a single Russian military expert in Yemen, although they did admit that there could be persons working under private contracts. Then it was stated that these specialists were citizens of Belarus. Foreign Ministry of Belarus said that it was “checking the information received from the Russian Embassy in Sana'a”... And only a day after the tragedy the Head of the Belarusian Military-Industrial Committee, Sergei Guruyev stated that the dead did work in Yemen under a state contract, signed in accordance with international Laws.

No, of course I understand everything, it was necessary to find out the names of the dead, especially because even the hotel had copies of the guests' passports. But why did power structures first of all were preoccupied with saving face? Were they afraid of accusations against them? Embassy of the Russian Federation at once stated that “there are no ours in it”, meaning they were not working in military structures. Minsk did admit that those really were Belarusians, but immediately rushed to inform that they “had been working within the framework of the international Law”, obviously fearing some accusations. And nobody said indignantly that in Yemen OURS ARE BEING BEATEN! And it does not matter at all what passport they have, all — they and we are ours, all are Russian. At least in the eyes of the Arabs.

Local authorities have habitually on the move accused of the attack the notorious al-Qaeda, even though we know that under that mask is hiding the Muslim Brotherhood, which is in close conjunction with Saudi Arabia. The method of the murder of already more than one hundred and sixty people is the same, all the victims are far from being random. All of them had been selected by someone, ordered by someone.

You understand that they had to keep track of each victim, the order of its movement, to find a suitable place for the assassination attempt, to prepare the means (at least the same bike), to have on hand a weapon (note that in almost all cases pistols with silencers were used)...

Do not forget that the “brothers” are united in so-called families, and, most of them are reduced to fighting forces, that the leadership of the “brothers” has its own “special forces”, that the Saudis throw to Yemen their mercenaries who had been trained in combats in Syria.

Note that most of the victims of these terrorist attacks are senior officers of the Security Services, primarily managers of the Political Security. Then the terrorists switched to the Air Force — pilots, technicians and specialists. Inside the Air Force there frequented acts of sabotage, due to which the aviation is practically without spares, so its ability to fight got worse. In fact, the agony of the Air Force followed. It went so far that the Defence Minister of Yemen is literally begging from the Crown Prince of Saudi dynasty the money to “restore combat readiness of the aviation”... That is, the “brothers” did manage to clip the wings of the Air Force to the limit. Another couple of months — and flights of combat aircrafts will stop completely.

After the “landing” of the Air Force, the Air Force Chief Commander still has in his hands the last trump card with long and strong arms — Missile Brigades. That is why I believe that it was not in the 3rd Brigade that Belarusian specialists worked; too obvious was the choice of the object for the attack... Well, illiterate bikers simply could not have shot the first foreign subject they saw, and a Russian one at that. So, they had been shown the target by someone... Mind you, Saudis would not pay for the elimination of a tankman!

As we remember, a few months ago, General Ali Mohsin returned from another briefing in Riyadh with the order “to destabilize the situation to the limit”. And the elements of destabilization immediately fell like a cornucopia - provocations, a series of murders, attacks on military units and posts, road closures, terrorist attacks on power lines and pipelines. As a result, a war broke out in the north, in Sa'ada, which in turn allowed Saudiya to almost openly send “volunteers” from the number of mercenaries, to help Salaphites.

That's where the Saudis put themselves into a trap. Among the “volunteers” there was a large percentage of non-Muslims, which caused outrage among devout Shiite Houthis and Sunnis, including Salaphites. And now for a few days have been continuing armed clashes between Houthis and mercenaries, who are accused of “Takfir” (i.e. in unbelief, sectarianism).

Tribes of Sunnis do not stand on the sidelines and fight “Kafirs”, that is to say “Giaours” and other “volunteers». In a word, it is difficult to comprehend - where, who, whom, for what and why... Saudis have clearly overdone.

And the latest news — November 28 was published a Decree banning from the 1st to the 15th December use of motorcycles...

So, they are afraid of something?