June 6, 2016

06.06.2016. Borysfen-Intel's Weekly Review


Taking into consideration the critical importance of the current track and rapid analysis of key geopolitical events (factors) in the development of the situation around Ukraine, the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” launches on June 1, 2016 a new information-analytical review  “LAST WEEK'S KEY FACTORS AND MAIN TRENDS IN FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF THE SITUATION AROUND UKRAINE.”

The project, which was created to prompt public awareness, is for both Ukrainian and foreign audience, including the Ukrainian diaspora and Russian-speaking readers who are interested and need the latest and objective information on the development of the geopolitical situation around Ukraine.

We are grateful in advance for constructive ideas aimed at a fruitful development and improvement of the content of the Center's new project.