July 11, 2019

V. Hvozd: “...Intelligence Is Always an Invisible Intellectual Duel”

Visiting the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine


Recently, the Vernadskyi National Library of Ukraine was visited by the well known Ukrainian military, intelligence officer and diplomat, president of the “Borysfen Intel” Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies, Lieutenant General Hvozd Victor Ivanovych.

The library's readers and staff are sincerely grateful to Victor Ivanovych for the books donated to the VNLU funds. This is, in particular, his monograph “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State's Intelligence Activity” (Kyiv, 2018), which contains the comprehensive analysis of intelligence activities in the context of the system of ensuring the national security of the state. In V. Hvozd's right opinion: “...intelligence is always an invisible intellectual duel that lasts around the clock, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year, without holidays and sick leaves. And its price is peace, calm and stable life of the state, its worthy place under the sun and a confident, optimist look at the future, or instability, uncertainty, state collapse and wandering in a turbulent, difficult geopolitical world. This duel can only be won thanks to professionalism, stability, self-sacrifice, faith in the justice of state building, which our Ukrainian people strive for”.

Comprehensive analysis of the legal and political aspects of the intelligence activities of the leading countries of the world and Ukraine, the richness of examples and historical facts makes the book interesting not only for scientists and specialists, but also for general public.

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