June 26, 2015

Information Security of the State: War Time

In the new millennium the armed confrontation has been joined by the information one, and has become perhaps one of the main forms of solving conflicts between states. By the way, with the help of information operations the warring countries can achieve their strategic goals.

 It was super-powerful anti-Ukrainian information campaign, called to ensure full Russian control over foreign and domestic policy of our country that became the main component of the Russian Federation’s "hybrid war" against Ukraine.

The experts of the Center "Borysfen Intel" have made the analysis of the Russian information influance and  offered an approach to creation of the all-nation system of information security, which would identify, analyse and estimate an information threats to national security, but would also preventively systematically counteract these threats and conduct offensive information actions, adequate to current satuation.

The material will be published in the Centre’s "BINTEL. Geopolitical Analytics Journal», Issue 2, which will be released in the nearest future.