July 3, 2013

Who is Interested in the Initiative of the “Ukrainian Nuclear Forum”?

At the initiative of the Association “Ukrainian Nuclear Forum”, on the 2nd of July this year, Kiev hosted the International Conference “European Choice: new opportunities and challenges for Ukrainian nuclear power”. From the EU in Kiev arrived representatives of Polish, Spanish and German energy firms, each of which in its own way had been coping and has coped with a difficult path to 100% transparent market economy, —the path, which, by the way, Ukrainian nuclear power has yet to overcome in the context of European integration. About this they told in their speeches before the audience, consisting, in particular, of well-known Ukrainian experts and specialists.

It is significant that representatives of our local media, whose training on this subject can be called, without exaggeration, professional, showed increased interest in this event. Their questions at the press conference for presenters, refinements, conclusions, showed by and large genuine interest of our society to the topic of energy supply, which in the near future should go into private hands.

Note that in the conference-hall, unfortunately, were also present those who tried to show off, in the first place, their "knowledge" of the reforming of the electricity market. Their “narrow-profile “'questions to the speakers, you can say, were just killing time ...

However, surprisingly (to put it mildly), at the conference there were no representatives of the authorities and politicians. Does this not confirm yet again that neither the government nor the opposition (if it did receive an invitation from the organizers) are really interested in specific issues of our European integration (and Ukrainian nuclear power requires exactly specific solutions, because it is in a state of stagnation!). Willy-nilly, one comes to the conclusion that our European integration rhetoric is nothing more than an empty phrase.

It is the absence of representatives of the government and the opposition, on whom something in this country is supposed to depend, which, with certain disappointment noticed Poles and Germans. They will necessarily inform the officials of their countries. And, do agree, that on them in the European Union depends a lot. If one does not realize at least this, what was the point to promise Ukraine’s course to Euro-integration?