April 6, 2019

China's Marching Westwards: How Safe Is the “New Silk Road”

Serhiy Polyovyk

The authoritative German edition Handelsblatt, specializing in economic studies and forecasts, and determining financial world trends, on March 29 posted analytical material on the EU-China Summit to be held on April 9 in Brussels. It reports that not only German analysts, but also their European colleagues believe that China's strategic initiative “The Belt and Road”, which has already been partially implemented in different regions of the world, is a threat to Europe. And it explains its essence, which is, in fact, the economic absorption of the PRC's partner countries with the help of economic and financial proposals sounding attractive at the original stage, which will eventually end in enslavement of weak powers. That is, China will unconditionally use their geopolitical capabilities and natural resources without resorting to physical conquest or change of officially recognized and formally inviolable existing borders.


The article is available in Ukrainian