February 25, 2013

We Should Be Able to Defend Our Own Interests

Cheap Turkmengas can be ... inefficient for Ukraine. There nothing strange about it, and why – an energy expert of “Borysfen Intel” Independent Center for Geopolitical Studies B. Sokolovskyi explains to the UNIAN correspondent.

An energy expert Bohdan Sokolovskyi believes that to get Turkmen gas to Ukraine is possible, but the state’s statements about the issue being actually resolved, will be appropriate, only when the agreements with Russians are achieved. "Back in 2009, the President of Turkmenistan said they were ready to sell gas to Ukraine, but the problem of its transportation Ukraine should solve itself with Russia. Unfortunately, at that time the Government was not able to resolve this issue", – says Sokolovskyi.

As for the access to the Russia’s GTS within a free trade area of the CIS, which could alleviate the situation with the delivery of Turkmen gas, in the opinion of the expert, "to demand it is one thing, but to achieve it is another thing.” Moreover, we have had the free trade area with Russia for almost 20 years now, but to no result. "

"The recent decision of "Gazprom" on transition of the GTS on the principle of "transit or pay" testifies that Russia wants to limit a free access to the pipe. Plus tariffs, technical conditions, etc. All this can lead to the fact that Ukraine will not benefit from buying at first glance cheap Turkmen gas. Everything will be done to make sure that Ukraine could not refuse Russian gas. Is there any logic in the fact that Russia gave away to Turkmenistan such a profitable Ukrainian market? Bright statements are made by our state’s leaders only because they do not know how to get out of the gas situation. The right way out is the way of diversification – LNG-Terminal, shale gas and reducing fuel consumption. These arguments in future negotiations can play in favor of Ukraine. Negotiations should take place only when the mentioned above projects are at the stage of implementation. So far they are not. That is why all statements about Turkmen gas are just statements. We have no other way of transporting it, but through Russia. And Russia will keep a strict policy for which it deserves the highest praises – it is able to defend its own interests" – pointed out B. Sokolovskyi.