July 16, 2019

New Manifestations and Trends in the European Politics of Some of Our European Geopolitical Neighbors


Serhiy Polyovyk

Today, the system of existing institutes of the European community is subject to testing. Especially regarding the strength of common values that have become familiar in recent decades, and which may seem long-lasting. But such stability of the present can suddenly change and in relations there will be mutual distrust, hostility and intransigence.

Taking into consideration the Western-European media analytics, it is now advisable for Ukraine to actively pursue pragmatic international relations. And to remember about the experience gained, about enemies' encroachments, and to form our own civilized, but at the same time, aggressive offensive policy in foreign relations. That will allow to become a geopolitical actor that offers clear and mutually beneficial prospects for bilateral and multilateral partnership.

The article is available in Ukrainian