March 23, 2016

22.03.2016. Meeting with the Vice President for Research at the American Potomac Foundation Dr. Phillip Petersen

March 22, 2016 the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” was visited by the Director of Russian Programs, Vice-President for Researches at the American Potomac Foundation (by the way, “Borysfen Intel”'s partner) Dr. Phillip Petersen, who met with the Vice-President of “Borysfen Intel”, Ph. D. in Military Science, Associate Professor, Lieutenant-General (ret.) Yuriy Radkovets and his colleagues at the Center.







Dr. Phillip A. Petersen is professional military analyst. He worked in the Defense Intelligence Agency and in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. He joined the Potomac Foundation in 1991. He successfully directed Security Policy in the Post-Soviet Republics project and led the Potomac Foundation delegations to Eastern Europe with the aim to promote the membership of these countries in NATO.

Dr. Phillip Petersen is a Member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies and the American Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies. He has authored more than 90 publications on international security issues.











Yuriy Radkovets told the guest about the latest research developments and publications in the sphere of national (including military-political and military) security, as well as the Center's partners and the results of the activities within the framework of joint projects. He also told about the plans of the Center in the current year and for the future.

Dr. Ph. Petersen, in his turn, spoke about the main areas of the Potomac Foundation's work this year, informed about the planned by the Foundation conferences, symposia and seminars on security issues, with participation of representatives of the Eastern European countries.

During the interesting discussion, the sides discussed topical issues of development of the military-political situation around Ukraine, in the European region and in the world at large. The main attention was paid to Russia's occupation and annexation of the Crimea, and its military aggression in the East of Ukraine. They also discussed peculiarities of the current situation, as well as ways to solve this conflict.

At the end of the meeting, the exchange of views was joined by President of the Foundation of Veterans of the Military Intelligence of Ukraine, Major-General (retired) Yuriy Levchenko, who spoke about the veterans and volunteers' movement in Ukraine. American visitors were greatly interested in the work of the Foundation, especially in its assisting veterans, publication of books of memoirs of the military intelligence officers and archival documents. The interlocutors exchanged views on a wide range of issues and agreed to cooperate within the framework of the expert and analytical work, the theme of which will be international security.

Following the meeting, the two sides expressed a mutual interest in the work within the framework of joint projects to assess the military, political and security situation around Ukraine and in Europe, analytical support of issues of Ukraine's European and Euro-Atlantic integration, reforming and modernization of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, etc.