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Prospects for the Development of the Situation in Sudan

April 18, 2019
<p>Prospects for the Development of the Situation in Sudan</p>

Sudan and the Interests of the United States, the PRC and the RF


Oleksiy Volovych

On April 11, 2019, a military coup took place in Sudan. The Command of Sudan's Armed Forces arrested and removed from all posts the country's President, Omar al-Bashir (75 years old), who came to power in 1989 after a military coup. Thus, O. al-Bashir, left his post in the same way as he came to it — as a result of a military coup. It is already the eighth military coup after the declaration of Sudan's independence on January 1, 1956. All in all, between 1952 and 2019, there were 93 military coups in Africa... In particular, in 2010, 26 attempted coups were made.

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Any candidate for  presidency in Sudan will not be able to do without the support of influential foreign partners. The state of the Sudanese economy is so critical, that the country simply cannot exist without foreign loans and investments. Thus, Sudan has become the scene of the USA's opposition to the PRC and the RF, which, quite possibly will intensify during this transition period, although Sudan is unlikely to become fully pro-American, pro-Chinese or pro-Russian. Most likely, the new civilian government will balance between the superpowers mentioned above, trying to benefit from cooperation with each of them, without being fully dependent on one of them. The future of Sudan also depends on political orientations and principles of the future Sudanese leadership. But whoever heads the government in Sudan, one can hardly hope that democracy in that Muslim country will be at least close to that of the West. Sudan is part of the eastern Arab civilization, in which democracy can be established only in accordance with the sacred postulates of Islam. And, as it happens almost after every revolution, it is possible that the partners and allies who yesterday were a single front against O. al-Bashir's regime, will begin to struggle against each other for power. I wish the Sudanese people to go through  this difficult transition period democratically, without violence and sacrifices. And I wish this to the Ukrainian people after the April 21 election, regardless of who is elected President of Ukraine.

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