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“Ukraine Is a Geopolitical Center Where Many Interests Cross…”

February 7, 2019
<p><strong>“Ukraine Is a Geopolitical Center Where Many Interests Cross…”<br /></strong></p>

Victor Hvozd in the “Military Cabinet” of the studio of the Black Sea TV and Radio Company


The President of the “Borysfen Intel” Center, Victor Hvozd, invited to the “Military Cabinet” program of the Black Sea TV and Radio Company, was answering the host Oleksandr Yankovskyi's questions on the important (and not only today) for Ukraine theme — the professional activity of its intelligence agencies.

As an experienced professional in the intelligence, who in his time managed to lead two intelligence agencies of independent Ukraine — the Military Intelligence and the Foreign Intelligence Service — V. Hvozd shared with the audience the vision of the modern process of defense reform and defense policy of Ukraine, touched on the main directions of activity of Ukrainian intelligence services and, in particular, special services, which today have to counteract or prevent Russian agents' subversions in the Ukrainian territory. Having also explained why he decided to pay attention to geopolitics, creating for this purpose a center for geopolitical studies “Borysfen Intel” and involving in its work experienced experts with whom he used to serve or work in respectable state structures.

Today, Ukraine is in the geopolitical center of the world, it is a geopolitical center  where the interests of such our neighbors as Russia or the European Union cross, — explains V. Hvozd, — but Ukraine cannot be considered a geopolitical player yet, it has no geopolitics.

What needs to be done? Responding to such a question, V. Hvozd pointed out that by declaration alone of Ukraine's choosing the European and Euro-Atlantic course, the task set for society will not be fulfilled. Specific steps, not just slogans, are needed to implement the planned. If we strive to achieve European standards in our lives, then we should give up our old life principles — corruption, ineffective work of our state institutions, inefficient economies, and so on. Europe patiently waits for our reconfiguration, which we have to do ourselves.

Touching upon Russia's geopolitical plans, V. Hvozd stressed that our neighbor “wants to stand up from its knees” but tries to do it in a way familiar to it, that is, with the help of military force to impose on his opponents its vital values, using any situation in its favour, to turn back its neighbors to the zone of its influence. In other words, Russia seeks to become the main geopolitical center. And its President Putin, is trying to reach the goal, bluntly disregarding international law.

Victor Hvozd in the “Military Cabinet” of the studio of the Black Sea TV Victor Hvozd in the “Military Cabinet” of the studio of the Black Sea TV

V. Hvozd also talks about his duties immediately after appointment as chief of the Foreign Intelligence in 2014. The situation was quite acute, because the duties of the head began, so to speak, under difficult circumstances, “just-in-time”, when it was necessary to make practical adjustments to the activities of intelligence specialists, to establish certain relationships and to set tasks.

Answering the question about the use of information obtained by the intelligence, V. Hvozd explained what exactly and how it should occur, whom and what information is given, how it is taken into account in the leadership's important decision-making. Of course, this is determined by special, non-widespread documents, the ability to use which is provided to certain officials, heads of departments or institutions.

V. Hvozd also told about Russia's purposeful preparation for the annexation of the Crimea. That work had been conducted almost since 1991, on which fact the Ukrainian intelligence reported to leadership of Ukraine. As for the Russian agents and their work in Ukraine, which was also asked by the host of the program, V. Hvozd said that they do exist, and their work is not less active than elsewhere in the world.

What other questions V. Hvozd answered, what exactly he forecasts regarding the events in the near future, what the future has in store for Ukrainians, and what modern problems there are in military sphere — all this you can learn if you watch the program “Military Cabinet” of the Black Sea TV and Radio Company:

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