July 22, 2019

The Appointment of the Leadership of the European Commission and in Some Ministries of Germany

Comments by German, Austrian and Swiss Analysts

Serhiy Polyovyk

Attention of reputable European analysts and media has been drawn to the latest developments in the election of a new European Commission President, who, unexpectedly for many politicians, has become a representative of Germany, and the appointment of another woman to the vacant post of the Federal Minister of Defense of Germany.

The comments made by analysts about such key changes are mainly due to the leading role in the EU of Germany, which significantly influences geopolitical processes on the European continent.

Geopolitical consequences of the appointment of the new head of the European Commission, formation of its new composition and the priorities for action will be seen in the near future.

Of course, they will also influence the EU's priorities in foreign and security policies that directly affect Ukraine and its neighbors.

For Ukraine, the events taking place in the EU and, in particular, in the Federal Republic of Germany, are important, given the threatening centrifugal tendencies in the EU, exacerbation of right-wing radical and neo-fascist parties in Europe, and Russia's open anti-European policy.

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