June 10, 2015

Putin Gets into the History of the World

It is interesting that according to the latest scientific researches and estimates of leading Western philologists and linguists, the growing dynamism of social life and unpredictable key events in the world significantly influence features of development. These could be in areas of international, interstate, political, diplomatic, military, security, economic, energy and information-propaganda relational matter. They can also cause changes in their joint linguistic space.

Thus, quite unexpectedly for the civilized interstate relations, the events and their consequences in the Russian-Ukrainian relations over the past year and a half, connected with Russia's cynical aggression against Ukraine, the annexation of the Crimea, destabilization of the situation in the East of Ukraine and the occupation of a number of districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, have significantly affected all spheres of life, first of all of European countries.

Impudent, insolent and constant lies of the Russian leadership, especially of the President of the Russian Federation V. Putin, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and others, about the Russian side's non-participation in the events around Ukraine (the Crimea and Donbas), moreover, about the absence of Russian troops (professionals, units, weapons and military equipment) in Ukraine, has been consistently and persistently placed in various media (including on television, in interviews with leading European TV channels), and at all sorts of summits, meetings of international and regional organizations. At this, they continue saying now what they used to say before, despite the clear evidence of the contrary.

I especially want to remind you how shamelessly and with a cynical smile on his face V. Putin was telling that “little green men” in the Crimea were not Russians, but local militants who bought uniforms and weapons at supermarkets. Although later, “pushed to the wall” by reasoned facts, in the interview for the film “The Crimea. The path to the Motherland”, he admitted that they had been the Russian military and special services.

In a word, the Russian President and his minions lie shamelessly. They lie always and everywhere.

The British representatives were the first to respond (as always-in time) to this factor in the linguistic space-by including new proverbs into Spoken English, namely: “Lies like a drunk Russian”, simply “Lies like a Russian” with its subsequent transformation into “Lies like Putin”. The latest version of this proverb has finally entrenched in modern spoken English lexicon and today is extremely widespread in other European countries.

Now one can be sure one hundred percent that this proverb will continue to rapidly spread to other countries and continents, together with the enrichment of the spoken English lexicon, which simply cannot be stopped.

That is, the proverb will live for hundreds of years, like other proverbs, which this way or other got the same recognition and popularity only thanks to the spoken English lexis, namely: “He is a barefaced liar”, “Bullshit”, “Mare's nest”, “Nutty as a fruitcake”, “Lazy like a fox”; “The shoemaker's family goes barefoot”, “Swears like a trooper”, “Drunk like a skunk” and others, but they all have a very negative connotation.

So, we can congratulate V. Putin-he has already become part of the world history as a monster, as an aggressor and terrorist, and now as an unlucky liar. A good set, the main thing is it is fair and well deserved. It fits him. I am just sorry about the Russian people. Although each nation has the leader it deserves.