June 28, 2019

Observing Some German-Language Media on the Eve of the G20 Summit in Japan


Serhiy Polyovyk

At the end of June 2019 (on the 28–29, to be exact), G20 leaders are traditionally meeting at the highest level — it will be the 14th G20 summit, which will be held for the first time in Japan, in Osaka. European and the world leading analysts are waiting for this event because they are well aware of its level and, in particular, of the current relationship between the leading countries-participants of the Summit, first of all, between the United States and China. European media, and especially German, Swiss and Austrian ones, cover the preparation and the events devoted to this topic, and how they will affect national interests of the leading countries, on which will depend both, the world economy as a whole, and further interstate relations, first of all, of the great powers.

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