November 17, 2014

The Scandal with the South African Coal

The scandal with the purchase of South African coal for Ukrainian power stations, involving Minister Yuri Prodan seems to have been organized not only in order to discredit completely everyone and all, not only in order to distract attention from more serious crimes, but also in order to make the Ukrainian side buy coal from Russia or militants.

Firstly, buying coal from abroad is a forced step, and our refocusing to international coal markets of South Africa, Australia and Southeast Asia, is almost the only opportunity to preserve the electrical system of Ukraine (taking into consideration its lower cost as compared with other markets).

Secondly, we must bear in mind that not every company, despite the pressure from the Kremlin, is ready to cooperate with Ukraine. Moreover, especially in the coal industry, which is an important component of energy system, which is undoubtedly used by the Kremlin to achieve its foreign policy goals.

Thirdly, in the process of buying that coal hardly MILLIONS of US dollars are talked about, while the same aggressor has been paid (or unilaterally just has taken) BILLIONS of US dollars. And no criminal cases were opened at this. And if they had been opened, they had never been led to their logical conclusion.

We can assume that another promulgated scheme will end in nothing, but it will put potential foreign partners off cooperation with Ukraine. It is possible that soon, not only we but also the whole world will know that we have overpaid a few millions. Pay attention: WE WILL KNOW, BUT WE WILL NOT RETURN THEM! Besides, we will lose another chance, and the people and this cannot be compensated by any money.

Is it not clear that, in fact, about this dream in the Kremlin? And dreaming, take some action!

It is obvious that our law enforcement agencies should focus on the identification and punishment of anti-Ukrainian agents of influence in Ukraine — how, who and for what purpose has been discrediting our state, its leaders, the Cabinet and its management, etc. Instead, these authorities start investigating not the most important cases, but those that can and should be investigated later, just when Ukraine will have become stronger. After all, life has proven that in our country, no accusation is forgotten.