May 22, 2013

“He Who Will Control Gas Supply, Will Control the Ukrainian Economy”

Energy expert Bohdan Sokolovskyi.

Russia is now aiming at the full control of the Ukrainian economy, which it is trying to get through the acquisition of the GTS. It is for this purpose that Moscow needs a two-way consortium. I think Moscow will reach its goal, and Europe, as always, will go "aside".

As to Zurabov’s statement, today Ukraine earns on existing volumes of pumping gas maximum 1.5 billion US dollars a year. While the predicted "gas" balance for 2013 in the amount of 60 billion cubic meters means less than $ 1 billion US dollars, which, if divided into two - Russia and Ukraine, makes even less. Better to just transit gas and do the internal supply than pump it on the terms that are offered by Russia (two-way consortium - Ed.).

As to the draft of the law on privatization of "Naftogaz", it may be the last but one step to the collapse of the state. It is strange that the current government does not understand this, and the fact that it, as a whole, and each of its representatives in particular, will be unwanted in the new circumstances.

The uniqueness of our GTS is that it combines the functions of both, domestic supply and transit of Russian gas. Russia is not going to separate them, and at this it is not planning to guarantee volumes of transit. So why should «Gazprom" invest outside its state. Especially when huge causeless funds go into pipelines bypassing Ukraine. And the Russian gas transport system is in a worse condition than the Ukrainian one.

For the transit of Russian gas "Naftogaz" earns about 1.5 billion US dollars a year, which is not a critical sum for Ukraine. Overpayment for gas is 6-7 billion US dollars that can be saved by reforming the economy. Unfortunately, reforms are being “retarded”.

The main thing is as follows: he, who will control the supply of gas, will control the Ukrainian economy. And here the Kremlin will pay any price, no matter how clever are “privatizers”. Not surprisingly, the "5th column" presented the draft of the law before the holidays, hoping that the society "will slumber away". This can only be an additional confirmation of the fact that the government is afraid of its own people.


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