November 21, 2014

Does the Aggressor’s Coal for Ukrainians Warm Better or What?

This is the case when one's insight does not satisfy one. I mean my comments about our purchases of coal for Ukraine's needs from our Russian enemy. Of course, giving up buying the South African coal. And having paid for the "black gold" almost a quarter of a billion US dollars, thus creating a global precedent that was easy to foresee already after the scandal in the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine in connection with the attempt to bring fuel from another continent... But why the scandal with imports of coal has gotten such a wide publicity? Why do Ukrainian law enforcement authorities suddenly loudly inform about their work? How to explain such impatience? And so on. One can ask quite a lot of such questions. And all this can be explained simply enough — because it all is beneficial to the Kremlin. It is doing everything to ensure that Ukraine does not become truly independent. It has implanted and is carefully protecting in the Ukrainian power its "fifth column". And the "offer" to import 3.1 million tons of Russian coal is just a small component of Moscow's noose around Ukraine's neck.

Before the coal scam there was a scam with gas. One never knows — they may take on the nuclear energy. Thus, the entire spectrum of the Ukrainian energy system will be used by the Kremlin to put pressure on Ukraine, as the supposedly independent state. And what about us? We only are "outraged" and do nothing of what we should do. After all, no one will and no one should do our work for us.

Let me remind you of how once Moscow tried to arrange poisoning of the Ukrainian presidential candidate because he did not fit into the scheme of repression of Ukrainians. But even then we actually did not hurry to draw the necessary conclusions. For example, we continue in the old way, without a proper analysis, to appoint senior staff. Therefore, in the Ukrainian power have always been Kremlin's agents of influence for keeping Ukrainians in check. The Kremlin prefers to control the first persons. They are often duplicated by ministers, their deputies, and so on.

So, the most important thing for Ukrainians now is (without regard to their ethnic origin) — identification and elimination of representatives of the "fifth column" in the Ukrainian authorities. Only after that, we can start forming a new state, reforming and doing everything else. In any other case Ukraine within its present borders, alas, is doomed to shocks, in particular, to falling apart, after which the question of eradicating of agents of influence of the neighboring state will arise for sure.

Obviously, it is now easier to investigate and prevent negative steps in the field of energy, because only in recent years in it have been recorded many anti-state acts. And this should be done not by heads of departments or their superiors, but only by patriots-experts in the sphere of Law. Without public disclosure right now (during the war), assuming that final conclusions will be drawn by patriotic and objective courts when the aggression against our country has stopped.