August 29, 2019

Ukraine and Current Geopolitical Challenges

V. Hvozd's Interview on “Radio NV”


In his latest interview on “Radio NV”, the President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd spoke about current geopolitical challenges facing the Ukrainian state, about today's concerns of the Ukrainian population, about the future of the Ukrainian enterprise “Motor Sich”, whose technologies make interested, in particular, Chinese experts, as well as about further reform of the Security Service of Ukraine, which should change the nature of its functions to democratize them, and at this to move away from what it inherited from the Soviet KGB. The NSDC of Ukraine has drafted a new law concerning the reform of the Security Service of Ukraine, and V. Hvozd expressed his views on future changes in such an important security structure, and warned against possible mistakes during the reform or as a result of wrong decisions.

V. Hvozd also described his perceiving of an important visit to Ukraine of the US President National Security Adviser J. Bolton. After all, the American high-ranking official did not just decide to visit Ukraine again, V. Hvozd believes. “The representative of the White House arrived in the region that is extremely important to the United States today in terms of national security, including for geopolitical cooperation”, V. Hvozd explained.

The interview also covered the latest international news, including the reasons for the USA's suspension of the $250 million assistance to Ukraine, previously approved by the US Congress. What prompted the US President to take such a step was also reflected in V. Hvozd's answers.

Watch the full interview (in Ukrainian):