February 16, 2019

How Are Baku and Kyiv Developing Ties in New Geopolitical Realities?

Victor Hvozd’s Interview For Vzglyad.Az


“Azerbaijani View” is the website with news and analytics, which in one way or another relate to the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Recently, the website asked President of the “Borysfen Intel” Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies Victor Hvozd to comment on the cooperation between Ukraine and Azerbaijan, as they believe that the two countries have many common economic and political interests and tasks, but also views on the way of their realization.

In the answers to the questions, V. Hvozd touched upon many aspects of our time and mentioned a number of examples to confirm his thoughts which made the readers of the “Azerbaijani View” interested.

We offer to read the text of this interview (in Russian).

How are Baku and Kyiv developing ties in new geopolitical realities? — Ex-Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine for Vzglyad.Az

The President of the “Think Tank” — “China seizes the initiative from Russia, both in the post-Soviet and Eurasian space”