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The Government Crisis in Austria on the Eve of the Elections to the European Parliament

May 23, 2019
<p>The Government Crisis in Austria on the Eve of the Elections to the European Parliament</p>


Serhiy Polyovyk

Analysts, observing the changes in the situation on the eve of the next election to the European Parliament, are forced to take into account the government crisis in a neutral country like Austria. Large volumes of sensitive material about the two years ago scandal, analytical studies on the reasons for the publication of the information discrediting Austrian politicians, which had led to the collapse of the government coalition and early elections in Austria, the key figures in the Austrian top business that were drawn into the conflict, the German mass media's role in the scandal, the European right-wing radicals' ties with Russia, further development of the situation in Austria and the EU — this is not the entire list of the events that one way or another caused the Austrian government crisis.

In our opinion, the questions of the drivers of and reasons for the German media's intrusion into the political life of Austria, the role of special services in the activities of the political and independent media, the anti-right-wing-radical direction of the inspirited government crisis in Austria and the options for further development of events are equally important.

Obviously, the campaign to discredit the Austrian Freedom Party as a result of the scandal after making public the immoral behavior of the FPÖ leaders in Ibiza and the government crisis in Austria is meant to reduce the influence of right-wing forces in the European Parliament elections and to demonstrate the priority of European values for democratic forces in Europe.

Also, the co-ordination of the actions of leaders of liberal democratic European parties is possibly intended to deter the European right-wing forces. In order to achieve the desired effect and a positive result for themselves, loyal mass media of third countries are secretly involved in public political actions.

…As for Russian billionaire Igor Makarov's having to do with real actors captured on the video in Ibiza, it is unlikely. Why should Russia endanger the reputation of Austria's pro-Russian right-wing forces?

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