Conditions of Using Borysfen Intel’s Materials

  1. General regulations

1.1.  These regulations determine the procedure and conditions of using materials, placed on the site of Borysfen Intel.

1.2.  Using materials, placed on the site, is allowed only at the written agreement from Borysfen Intel, except the cases, mentioned in Chapter 2 of these regulations.

1.3 By using the materials we mean reproduction, distribution, broadcasting, informing via cable, making available to the public, translation, making derivative works and other possible ways of using , determinated by the current Law of Ukraine.

1.4 These rules spread their effect on informational agencies, subscribers to information products and services of Borysfen Intel, official internet-sites of companies, themed internet-sites of juridical persons, electronic mass media, weekly, monthly and other printed means of mass information, publishers, newspapers, magazines, physical and juridical persons( Users).

  1. Free Usage

2.1.  Using any materials of Borysfen Intel is allowed without a written permission and for free only in blogs and at personal pages of physical persons, with taking into consideration of the P. 2.3 of this chapter.

2.2.  Using of information text materials of Borysfen Intel is possible without written permission and for free only in the following cases:    

2.2.1. on sites  of charity organizations and educational institutions of all types;

2.2.2. in public free reference ,educational, regional geography electronic resources.

2.3. Using analytic and authorized materials is possible only on the receiving written permission from Borysfen Intel. Regarding the mentioned above materials, any revision or recasting (remaking) is forbidden, their usage is possible only at 100% keeping to the content. It should be taken into consideration, that a number of analytic and authorized materials are for commercial usage alone.

2.4. In case of using any text materials User must place a hyperlink to the server, or to the server from which the material is taken. This hyperlink has to be placed at the beginning of the reproduced article.

       3. Other ways of using

3.1 Any usage of photo, graphic, informative-graphic , video, audio and other materials placed on the site, belonging to Borysfen Intel and other persons, is prohibited..

3.2. In case of  necessity for using the text, photo, graphic, informative-graphic, video, audio, and other materials placed on the site, the copyright on which belongs to Borysfen Intel, Users must make an agreement on using the materials at fee-paying basis. The cost of using each particular item is agreed upon additionally by the sides. Depending on the circumstances, Borysfen Intel may allow the free of charge using materials.

3.3. In case of need for using text, photo, graphic, informative-graphic, video, audio and other materials placed on the site, the copyright holders of which are third persons, Users must address the copyright holders. 

3.4. As to the questions of using the materials at the free of charge basis, making agreements and payment, Users should contact the Administration of Borysfen Intel  via the telephone: +38 (044) 483 88 98.

       4.  Obligations of each User at publication of the materials

4.1. To draw up links to the source of the materials

4.1.1. In case of reproducing in printed publication User must show the source — Borysfen Intel

4.1.2. In case of reproducing in a digest of press, User must mention the source — Borysfen Intel

4.1.3. In case of reproducing the materials on the internet, User must give the hyperlink to the server with mentioning the source — Borysfen Intel, or to the server, from which the material was taken. This hyperlink should be placed at the beginning of the reproduced article. User also must put the reproduced materials into tags <noindex >…<noindex>.

4.1.4. Reprinting of the materials of Borysfen Intel , received from secondary sources, is allowed only with the link to the original source, drawn up according to the PP. 4.1.1.–4.1.3 of these Regulations.  

4.2.  User must keep  to exactness of reproducing.

4.3. Before the publication of the materials , written permission from Borysfen Intel should be received or an agreement on using them at the free of charge basis should be made.

Attention! A publication, made according to the Regulations, but without a written permission, is illegal reproducing.

       5.  These Regulations are not an agreement.

Borysfen Intel has the right to change these Regulations without informing Users. Any changes will be placed on and User must get acquainted with the Regulations conditions by visiting the site. Changes come into force on their being published on the site.

With all questions concerning products and services of Borysfen Intel, including the questions of getting the rights to publication and  broadcasting of Borysfen Intel ‘s audio- and video – materials, placed on the site, as well as getting copies of the original materials in the format of DVD, CD and BTC, please, contact Borysfen Intel’s Administration by the telephone number: +38 (044) 483 88 98; email: