April 28, 2017

27.04.2017 ”When Will We Win the War?”


Hryhoriy Perepelytsya wrote this book and sent it to the publishers last year. Its presentation was expected on the eve of the new, 2017, it seems, in December. But for some reason the book was published a few months later. This fact could be ignored if it were not for the title: “Ukraine — Russia: War in the Situation of Coexistence”... Tell me, would you pass by the shop shelf with this book indifferently? Especially now,  when there is the so-called ATO in the East of our country? Exactly! You would not pass by, under any circumstances! That is why yesterday, April 27, its first copies were demonstrated to a respected audience, gathered at the author's invitation in the cozy hall of the press club of the GDIP.


I must point out that there were no accidental people there — everyone, this way or other, was acquainted with Hryhoriy Mykolayovych, either through the work in the Diplomatic Academy, or through the service in the Armed Forces. With some of the present, he conducted research, wrote historical articles, went to seminars or symposia. And knowing him well, they all without hesitation accepted his invitation to come to the presentation of the book, knowing that it is a really worthy scientific work, which answers many questions of the Ukrainian citizens.


I will quote only an extract from the invitation sent out by Hryhoriy Mykolayovych, for future readers to understand the purpose of writing this work.

”Today in Ukraine there is an urgent need to rethink the nature of Ukraine's relations with Russia and to find a formula for the settlement of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The book presents a comprehensive analysis of Russian-Ukrainian relations and key trends in their development from the point of view of a conflictological paradigm. The author of the book set the goal to reveal the roots of the conflict that are concealed in these relations. To a large extent they give the reader an opportunity to comprehend the objective reasons and subjective circumstances that prompted Russia to undertake military aggression against Ukraine. The study of the evolution of these relations points to the permanent nature of their conflict condition, as well as the future of the process”.


What the author of this book investigated, what conclusions he made and whether we agree with these conclusions — it will become known soon, when we all will be able to get acquainted with the content of the book. But believe me: it's been long since our readers held in their hands such a meaningful and honest work telling about the past and future of our Motherland. In other words, the relevance of the work cannot be diminished by anybody in any way. Those of the present at the presentation, who were lucky enough to read this book or at least to leaf it, expressed sincere gratitude to the author for the content-richness of the work done, for his perseverance in the same work and, in particular, for his conclusions. What do I mean when I mention the conclusions? Yes, Hryhoriy Mykolayovych just tells when and under what circumstances Ukrainians will win the today's Russian-Ukrainian war.


Oleh Makhno.

The photo-report about the book presentation prepared by
V. Rayevskyi