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Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”

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is engaged in information, analytical and consultative work, the goal of which is geopolitical research, analysis, evaluation and forecast of the situation in the world as a whole, in Europe as well as around Ukraine. The Center was created at the initiative of former servicemen of the armed forces and special services of Ukraine. The Center conducts scientific and geopolitical exploratory research in the context of development and strengthening of the Ukrainian geopolitical school and national security.

Among the main issues of Ukrainian statehood are: its formation, development, national security and geopolitical orientation; the role and place of Ukraine as an important subject of world and European processes of the civilization's development, as well as solving the problems of modernity through the prism of historical experience and practice.

Based on its own original researches, detailed analysis and evaluation of problematic issues, the general and specific political, military, economic (including military-economical, military-technical, and energy) situation, issues of national (information) security, the Center provides information, analytical and forecasting materials to entities and persons to resolve their problems and challenges.

Analytical materials are prepared by the Center's own experts — former servicemen of the Armed Forces, diplomats and representatives of special services of Ukraine, known political scientists, economists and lawyers. All our experts have academic degrees and ranks, years of experience in highest bodies of state power and in known government and independent analytical structures. We also work closely with Ukrainian and foreign experts from international organizations, governmental and non-governmental structures.

The Center's information and analytic product is, in the first place, for government officials and non-governmental organizations in Ukraine and abroad, who prepare and make decisions in the wide circle of geopolitical and security theme. Our information will be of interest also for researchers, teachers, student community, people seeking to thoroughly examine the trends and methodology of the processes occurring in the world, in Europe as well as in Ukraine and also to understand a modern Ukraine's role and place in them.

In addition, experience shows that the Center's product helps a wide range of potential investors and businessmen to get acquainted with the real situation both, in Ukraine and around it, as well as everyone who studies geopolitics, geo-strategy, political science, political geography, foreign relations and international law, national security, challenges of our time and who wants to use an objective analytical information on the above-mentioned issues.

The Center is open for cooperation with all interested state and non-state structures and organizations, foundations, entities and persons both in Ukraine and abroad.

Constructive suggestions on the activities of the Centre are welcome and will be greatly appreciated.