June 7, 2018

China's Interests in Latin America

Serhiy Polyovyk

The war with Russia has led to a significant loss of foreign markets for Ukrainian products. As a conclusion, it would be logical to pay attention to the development of Ukraine's relations with the countries of the American continent. At this, both at the bilateral level, in particular, with the countries of Latin America, as well as within the framework of some economic unions and associations of states, in particular with MERCOSUR.

So far, the level of cooperation and integration of Ukraine's economic, scientific, political and cultural interests with the countries of Latin America is not high. This is confirmed both by statistical data on the trade volumes, and by available projects and plans for further cooperation. At the same time, more active contacts with the countries of Latin America would allow to diversify the structure of Ukrainian exports and imports, to create new ones and to strengthen the directions of economic and political cooperation. This is important, in particular, in view of supporting Ukraine's position by the countries of MERCOSUR and NAFTA when voting in international organizations, in particular in the UN.

The Ukrainian geopolitical interest either is showing up weakly or does not exist at all. Ukraine should intensify its efforts in the context of expanding its own geopolitical interests, reaching the level of subjectivity in the European and world family of equal peoples.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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