July 25, 2018

There Is More to It Than Just Contributions to the NATO Budget

Serhiy Polyovyk

The expert community of the NATO member states is concerned with the US President's claims about the insufficient Alliance's defense funding and is looking for counterarguments to defend their positions.

Although this problem is of a purely domestic nature (within the framework of NATO), it's extremely important for the stable work of the Defense Alliance and the EU as a whole, since it affects the inter-state relations of European countries and the USA in one way or another, creates tension in the work of the whole system of collective European security and worsens the geopolitical situation in Europe and in the world.

Ukraine, which has declared its intention to join NATO and strives to reach the standards of NATO, must take into consideration the nature of the discussion and make necessary conclusions for the future.

Ukraine can draw conclusions from Western experts' analysis of the rationale for the differentiated contribution of the Allies to ensure its defense and the arguments of small and insufficiently developed economies that compensate for their inadequate monetary contribution by other instruments.

The article is available in Ukrainian

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