June 27, 2019

Iran: Playing on the Brink

Just a few days ago, we mentioned the new stage in the escalation of the military-political situation in the Persian Gulf region. Less than a week — another event: the IRGC Air Force shot down an American drone. US President D. Trump made a decision about air strike, but later he called off the strike.

The question arises: “How long will the period of threats last, where is the limit of such an escalation, why and in whose way does Iran stand?”

Today, despite tense muscles and promises to punish, all the parties to the conflict, without exception, have come close to the “red line”, but do not dare to cross it. It is easy to start a war, but how much and what efforts should be made to stop it! Personally, as the author of these lines, I believe that both, the United States and Iran, like Israel and Saudi Arabia, have calculated all the so-called pros and cons and have chosen to abandon the military scenario.

What is the root cause of the exacerbation of the situation in the Persian Gulf and the basis for an attempt “to crush” the Islamic Republic?

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