From Syria to Libya
October 12, 2018

Ivan Sichen

Russia Is Unleashing a New War in North Africa

Military-Political Consequences of Downing of IL-20
October 8, 2018

Oleksiy Volovych

Downing of Il-20 clearly shows the absurdity and hybridity of the situation in Syria

“Ukraine's Military Intelligence at the Turn of the Third Millennium” at the 25th Publishers Forum in Lviv
September 27, 2018

Victor Hvozd's book was presented to the participants of the Publishers Forum in Lviv

The “East-2018” SCPE
September 26, 2018

Victor Hvozd

Goals, Scenario, Participants and Peculiarities of the Exercise


Cyber Conflict and Geopolitics — the Cold War’s New Front
September 5, 2018

President of “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd's Report at the 28th Economic Forum in Poland

The War Against the Whole World
September 4, 2018

Victor Hvozd

The “East-2018” SCPE in the context of Russia's relations with the West and the PRC

Results of NATO Summit 2018
July 14, 2018

Victor Hvozd

Development and Maintaining Unity Despite All Problems

Military Guards of the New Silk Road
July 13, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

China remains one of the largest geopolitical powers of the world and tries to fully secure its interests through the military component

NATO and Russia. The Alliance's Military Response to the Threats from Moscow
June 14, 2018

Victor Hvozd

NATO remains the most powerful military force in the world and the main deterrent to Moscow's neo-imperial ambitions

07.06.2018 “Our Intelligence Should Be Among the Best Ones”
June 9, 2018

President of “Borysfen Intel” Center Victor Hvozd’ meeting with students of the Diplomatic Academy of Ukraine

Victor Hvozd’s Geopolitical Diary
<p>New Fronts of the Cold War</p>

New Fronts of the Cold War

Victor Hvozd

Geopolitical Aspects of the Complication of Relations Between the United States and China

Vadym Volokhov: «The Middle East Knot»
<p>Syria: In Whose Hands Are the Keys from the Sky?</p>

Syria: In Whose Hands Are the Keys from the Sky?

Vadym Volokhov

Options for Further Development of the Situation

Visiting BINTEL
<p>Short time ago, President and CEO of the “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu again visited Kyiv</p>

Short time ago, President and CEO of the “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu again visited Kyiv

Visiting BINTEL — President and CEO of the Analytical Center “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu