A Strike on the Nuclear Deal with Iran
October 9, 2018

Roman Kot

The beginning of October 2018 was marked by another diplomatic scandal involving Iran

More than Economy
September 20, 2018

Roman Kot

China Is Increasing Its Defense Cooperation with African Countries

Cyber Conflict and Geopolitics — the Cold War’s New Front
September 5, 2018

President of “Borysfen Intel” Victor Hvozd's Report at the 28th Economic Forum in Poland

Global Peace Index 2018
June 15, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

Ukraine Ranked 152nd out of 163 Countries

NATO and Russia. The Alliance's Military Response to the Threats from Moscow
June 14, 2018

Victor Hvozd

NATO remains the most powerful military force in the world and the main deterrent to Moscow's neo-imperial ambitions

Winter Olympics in Sochi: Potential Threats and Security Measures That Are Being Taken
July 29, 2013

Within the framework of preparations for the 2014 Olympics, the heads of Law Enforcement Agencies of the Russian Federation have identified the most threatening factors

The Prospect of Resumption of Economic Development of the USA and Its Consequences
July 26, 2013

Most of estimates confirm that one of the main reasons for the global financial and economic crisis in 2008 was the problem of debts in the USA

Victor Hvozd’s Geopolitical Diary
<p>Russia Raises the Stakes</p>

Russia Raises the Stakes

Victor Hvozd

The incident in the Kerch Strait as a manifestation of Moscow's policy in the region

Vadym Volokhov: «The Middle East Knot»
<p>Moscow Is Playing the Taliban</p>

Moscow Is Playing the Taliban

Vadym Volokhov

Russia, again, just as in Syria, is trying to try on the mask of a peacekeeper