The President of the “Borysfen Intel” Center Victor Hvozd took part in the European-American Security Dialogue
May 20, 2019

Securing the Black Sea: How to Counter Russian New Generation Warfare in the Region

There Is No Uncontrolled Space in Geopolitics
March 23, 2019

President of the “Borysfen Intel” Centre Victor Hvozd at the “Radio NV” Studio


To Fight Against Terrorism in a New Way
March 20, 2019

Roman Kot

The new Concept of the Fight Against Terrorism defines Russia's aggressive policy, aimed at destabilizing the situation in Ukraine, as the main threat

The New World and Ukraine
February 22, 2019

Victor Hvozd

Results of the Munich Security Conference

“Today Oprichniks in Russia Have Become Boyars”
February 14, 2019

Interview with President of the “Borysfen Intel” Centre Victor Hvozd

New Threats to Central Asia
January 29, 2019

Vadym Volokhov

Possible Outcomes of the Exacerbation of the Military-Political Situation on the Tajik-Afghan Border

Ensuring the Country's Security in the Postmodern World
January 28, 2019

Victor Hvozd

Peculiarities of the New National Intelligence Strategy of the United States

“This Is the Book of My Life”
January 25, 2019

The presentation of Victor Hvozd's book “Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State's Intelligence Activity”

A new book by Victor Hvozd, President of the Independent Center for Geopolitical Studies “Borysfen Intel”
January 19, 2019

“Historical, Legal and Political Aspects of the State's Intelligence Activity”

Martial Law and Human Rights
December 18, 2018

Victor Hvozd

President of the “Borysfen Intel” Centre