USA-IRAN: a New Round of Confrontation
August 6, 2018

Oleksiy Volovych

USA-IRAN: a New Round of Confrontation

Malaysia: The First Obstacle on the Chinese “Belt and Road”
July 16, 2018

Roman Kot

Since the launch of “The Belt and Road” initiative, none of the Chinese partners has dared to act bluntly against the interests of the Celestial Empire

China Spends a Lot of Money in South Asia and Creates Dependencies
June 29, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

Beijing allocates billions of dollars to India's neighboring states. Investments are accepted gladly, but they have a high price

Indian Ocean
June 26, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

The smallest of the three largest oceans will soon become the most important

Switzerland-China: A Single Strategy Is Needed
June 13, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

The West's Domination Should Not Be Considered a Permanent Unchanging Phenomenon

Blessing Instead of Cursing: Why the Boycott of Israel Has No Prospects
June 11, 2018

Vladimir (Zeev) Khanin

The Failure of the Arab Boycott and the Rise and Fall of BDS

Evolution of the West's Attitude to Russia's Violations of International Law
June 7, 2018

Victor Hvozd

From Imitations and Concessions to Real Decisions and Actions

China's Interests in Latin America
June 7, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

China's Activity in the Region Is Expedient to Study and Take into Consideration in Formulating the Priorities of Ukraine's Foreign Policy

The Draft EU Budget for 2021–2027 and Its Significance for Ukraine
May 19, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

The priorities outlined in the document will determine the geopolitical vector for Ukraine's foreign policy

The Summit of the Americas. Geopolitical Competitions
April 17, 2018

Serhiy Polyovyk

China, in contrast to the USA's position, demonstrates interest in developing relations with the countries of the region

Victor Hvozd’s Geopolitical Diary
<p>New Fronts of the Cold War</p>

New Fronts of the Cold War

Victor Hvozd

Geopolitical Aspects of the Complication of Relations Between the United States and China

Vadym Volokhov: «The Middle East Knot»
<p>Syria: In Whose Hands Are the Keys from the Sky?</p>

Syria: In Whose Hands Are the Keys from the Sky?

Vadym Volokhov

Options for Further Development of the Situation

Visiting BINTEL
<p>Short time ago, President and CEO of the “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu again visited Kyiv</p>

Short time ago, President and CEO of the “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu again visited Kyiv

Visiting BINTEL — President and CEO of the Analytical Center “INGEPO Consulting Company” Corneliu Pivariu