August 22, 2015

We Are the Independence


A few years ago we celebrated the Independence Day of Ukraine — some — sincerely and joyfully, albeit with a touch of sadness and disappointment, some — spitefully and with curses, yet others — indifferently  and apathetically. This year we will not celebrate, this year, like last year, we have to defend our independence, from internal and external enemies. For more than a year and a half the best sons of our Motherland have been giving  their young lives for its freedom and independence...

Today many of us, especially those over 50, are trying to find answers to the question: how did it happen that almost after a quarter of a century of  independence, we may lose it? How did it happen that today we are thrown back into the past and living standards in Ukraine are much lower than they were in 1990? Why did we, Ukrainians, allow insidious traitors and janissaries to trade our Ukraine by wholesale and retail? Why did we allow collaborators or Russian citizens — Moscow's agents to be appointed to the highest state posts, in particular,  in  the State Security Service and in the Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Why did we keep silence when in April 2008 during a meeting in Sochi after the NATO Summit in Bucharest, V. Putin told the US President George. W. Bush: “You do understand, George, that Ukraine — is not even a state! What is Ukraine? Part of its territory is Eastern Europe, and the other part — and a large one at that, has been given by us as a gift”. Why did we  allow Putin to visit Ukraine after that? Why did we not demand from V. Yushchenko, as President and “Hetman of Honour  of Ukrainian Cossacks” to  ban erecting  monuments to Catherine II in Odesa and Simferopol? Why did we allow V. Yanukovych to sign in Kharkiv in April 2012 the shameful Agreement to extend Black Sea Fleet's basing until 2042 in exchange for a 30 percent reduction in gas prices? Why did we allow our Verkhovna Zrada (word play — Rada — Parliament and Zrada — Betrayal, transl.) to accept in August 2012 no less shameful law on languages which demeans every Ukrainian, but is still in force?

Why do we agree with P. Poroshenko to hold a referendum on Ukraine joining NATO not sooner than in 6-7 years, and not this year? And anyway, why should we hold this referendum, if it is not required by  any procedures and mechanisms of NATO? Why do not we hear from P. Poroshenko any reaction to the new President of Poland Andrzej Duda's offer to create a Baltic-Black Sea Union including Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Romania and other Eastern European countries? Have we ever thought about the fact that today Poland, whose territory is twice smaller than that of Ukraine, and whose natural resources are much poorer than ours, in all major economic indicators far surpassed Ukraine? Is this not because there are no tycoons (billionaires) in Poland, while we have about 20, including the President? And is it not because Poland is a member of the European Union and NATO, while we only dream about returning to our “European home” remaining poor “neighbors of the EU”? And this despite the fact that the geographical center of the European continent is in Ukraine. And this is after we, Ukrainians, 800 years ago, defended Europe from the Mongol hordes, and today our soldiers are defending not only Ukraine but the whole of Europe from Moscow's aggressive intrusiveness.

Why do our officials today, calling Russia the aggressor, at the same time do not break diplomatic relations with it, but keep buying gas, oil, coal, uranium and more from it? Why did we turn out to have had so many corrupt officials in the Militia, State Security Service and in the Armed Forces? 7,000 Militiamen in the Donbas sided with terrorists and separatists. Why out of 18,000 Ukrainian servicemen stationed in the occupied Crimea, only 4,000 remained faithful to the oath in which they swore to protect the people of Ukraine? Why did we give away the Crimea with virtually no resistance? Why instead of complying with some obscure Minsk 2 agreements, we did not drive out the enemy from our Donbas?

Unfortunately, there are many more “why”s which we can ask ourselves. And we, Ukrainians, especially the generation which is now over 50 years of age, should  openly admit our guilt and responsibility for having not  stopped the crimes that had been committed in our country for 24 years of its “independence”.  And in general — did we have true independence if we depended and still depend today on the moneybags who have been making fortunes, robbing us? We are responsible for the fact that by this time the nature of the clan-oligarchic regime in Ukraine has not changed, despite the social and political upheaval caused by the Orange Revolution, EuroMaydan and patriotic  national liberation war in the Donbas.

But despite all serious mistakes and shortcomings, we will not lose the combat and work spirit. The fate of our Ukraine depends on each of us. Ukraine — is we and its independence is also we! If each of us personally does not take care of his/her state and silently waits for the government to do it, nothing good will come from it. If we do not have a true civil society that can effectively and constructively influence the government, we will continue remaining amorphous “population”, which will be easy to manipulate, as had been done during the last 24 years. As long as the government feels comfortable in our country, the lives of ordinary people will never be comfortable. They should come to power to serve the people, not to “feed themselves”. If we do not force those in power to serve the people, the people will continue to serve the government, like it had been throughout the years of our quazi-independence

Today in Ukraine in the crucible of EuroMaydan and Patriotic War (and not the ATO!) before our eyes is being born a true Ukrainian political nation — an alloy of Ukrainians, Russians and representatives of other ethnic groups both, in the West and in the East of Ukraine. This people does not need guides, prophets, Messiahs and leaders. It does not need to be led, because now it does know where to go. And it will choose its leaders and determine the limits of their powers and duties. The people will make them serve it and would not serve the ruling “elite”, as it had been until recently.  The people is taking into its own hands the construction of a new, truly independent Ukraine. The Ukrainian people is united by the desire to be free people in a free country, to live in a country where everyone is equal before the law. The Ukrainian people has got its inner freedom, has taken off from people's souls fetters of fear, humility and despondency and thus has freed its titanic creative energy of a builder. And this is  the key to our victory over our enemies.


We will win! Ukraine is above all!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!