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Turkey: Erdogan's Expected Victory

June 28, 2018
<p>Turkey: Erdogan's Expected Victory</p>

Vadym Volokhov

On Sunday, June 24, early presidential and parliamentary elections were held in Turkey.

Having counted the votes, the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey declared that the incumbent President Recep Tayyip Erdogan had won the presidential election. In the parliamentary elections, the majority of votes was won by the Justice and Development Party, headed by R. Erdogan.

The peculiarity of the election is that Turkey, after the June 24, 2018 election, changes its government structure: Turkey, which is a parliamentary republic, becomes a presidential one. This means that all levers of state governance will be concentrated in the hands of the President, and the Parliament will deal with purely legislative issues.

R. Erdogan's victory was predictable, and this year's elections consolidated Turkey's chosen course of development. We should not expect radical changes in Ankara's policy towards Syria and other countries in the region.

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