January 18, 2016

Does Separatism Threaten Russia?

Yuriy Radkovets


18.01.2016. The channel UA|TV released a documentary film about possible resumption of the separatist movement in Russia

Since Monday(January 11, 2016) within a week, as part of the television program “Writing History,” a new documentary “Does Separatism Threaten Russia?” on the possibility of revival of the separatist movements in Russia, had been broadcasted on the TV channel UA|TV, aimed at a wide audience of foreign and Russian-speaking viewers.

“After the overthrow of Yanukovych’s regime in Ukraine, Putin is afraid of a similar scenario in Russia. Otherwise, why would he enhance his own security? But right now this is not the most important for him. There is one thing that makes him panic — Russia's falling apart. And today this threat, which began in Chechnya of the 1990s, is real. Separatism, which has significantly got intensified in the region, in fact, is a reaction to Putin's authoritarian and insidious regime”.

A military expert — the Vice-President of the Independent Analytical Center for Geopolitical Studies Borysfen Intel, PhD in Military Sciences, Associate Professor, Lieutenant-General (ret.) Yuriy Radkovets has made short comments on this film.