December 10, 2013

Winter Thunderstorms in Yemen

Volodymyr Guzenko — a graduate of the Military Institute of Foreign Languages ​​(Moscow). Now Volodymyr Guzenko is in the Republic of Yemen, where he can watch one of the revolutions of the “Arab Spring” on the spot


In the morning of December 5, at about 08.45 am, in Sana'a there was an attempt of a military coup. The bombed car with the explosive charge of about 500 kg was blown up by a suicide bomber at the western gate of the complex of the Ministry of Defenсe, which is opposite the famous gate Bab al-Yemen.

The moment of the explosion of the western gate, filmed a minute before the explosionThe moment of the explosion of the western gate, filmed a minute before the explosion, broadcasted by “Al Jazeera”

In this complex, located in huge Turkish Army barracks, updated in 1980s, is the General Headquarters of the Chief Commander, some departments of the Defence Ministry and the General Staff, as well as the hospital al-Aridi for top officials of the Republic.

Immediately after the explosion, the complex was attacked from several directions by rebels dressed in military uniforms. Firing machine guns and RPGs, the attackers burst into the complex and seized several facilities, including a hospital, in which was supposed to arrive President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi and where his nephew, Mansour al-Hadari, Deputy Chief of the Political Security, was. In the hospital, the rebels staged a real massacre of the medical staff, were throwing grenades into the wards with patients, surgical and other rooms. As of 9.30 am, of the 5th of December, 52 people were killed, among them the president's nephew, several doctors from India, Venezuela, the Philippines, Director of the German Centre for Development in Yemen, Yemeni doctors and nurses. More than 160 people received injuries of varying severity.

Western gate of the complex of the Ministry of DefenceWestern gate of the complex of the Ministry of Defence

It is assumed that the main target of the attack was physical elimination of President Hadi, who was supposed to attend the meeting of the Highest Command of the Army and Security Forces, and then to visit his nephew in the hospital al-Aridi, where he was waiting for being operated on. However, something went wrong, the President did not arrive, the Commanders also did not come except for the Commander of the 4th (Aden) Military District, Major General al-Subeyhi, at this, his fate is not yet known. However, it is reported that immediately after the attack, the Highest Command of the Defenсe Ministry and the General Staff, who were at that moment in the complex, were evacuated allegedly to the Alternate Command Post in the former Headquarters of the Republican Guard.

It has been officially announced that the attack was made by ​​the notorious al-Qaeda and “associated with it elements”. But it is clear that al- Qaeda could not had been tracking the movements of the President, for this it would have had to “sit next to the president”, and besides, according to official information of the U.S. FBI, the number of al-Qaeda today is not more than 800 people, most of whom, according to the same sources, are engaged in Abyan, Baida, Marib, Hadramaut provinces.

This is exactly what said the prominent politician, one of the leaders of the party General People's Congress (GPC) Yasser al-Yamani, who at some point recommended Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi to the post of Deputy Secretary General of the party, and then to the post of the President of the country.

In response to the President's decision to create a special commission to investigate the terrorist attack, al-Yamani quite bluntly said that there was no need to create another commission, as the initiators and organizers of the attack and attempt to assassinate the President have been known for a long time, they are next to the President, they come to his office, make decisions for him, finance terrorists attacks and plan terrorist acts and they even themselves participate in them. According to him, “none of the previously established commissions to investigate crimes, including attempted murder of President A.A. Saleh in the mosque of the Presidential Palace, achieved any results”. Al-Yamani pointed directly to the main persons involved, “who should have already been shot” for their crimes, for their activity, which has led the country to the brink, and they are namely — Presidential Adviser General Ali Mohsin, who has already tarnished his name and his honor by betrayal of his Motherland, and his accomplices from the family of Sheikh al- Ahmar. In conclusion, Al-Yamani warned the President, that the attack on the complex of the DM is not the last of their stock and if not to take decisive measures, they will get to their goal, including to the President himself. This emotional statement of al-Yamani was passed over to the President and then published in the newspaper “Al-Tagir”. They have done it fast...

In the city and the province has been introduced the state of emergency, troops are in the streets, tanks guarding the approaches to the Presidential Palace. The Army took under its protection the Sana'a International Airport and the Deilyami Air Force Base, the entire city center, including the Central Bank of Yemen.

The DM complex of al-AridiThe DM complex of al-Aridi

The whole district of Bab al-Yemen and adjacent streets are blocked by the Army and Security Forces. In the sky over Sana'a are patrolling the Air Force planes and helicopters. Fights to sweep the complex of the DM continued until about 3pm on December 6, but then shooting broke out again in the evening after 6 pm.

It turned out that some of the rebels, having taken hostages, entrenched in one of the buildings of the complex. It is evident that everything is happening according to the same scenario as in Mukalla - a car bomb explosion, gunmen's break into the territory of the Staff of the 2nd MD, capture of the object and hostages.

It is noteworthy that this attack was also timed to coincide with the meeting of senior management. Like after the events in Mukalla, the mythical al-Qaeda released a statement in which it took responsibility. By the way, it has never suffered from modesty and has taken responsibility for all acts of terrorism, even if it had nothing to do with them; it's been so since the time of bin Laden...

It is noteworthy that in the statement dated December 6, al-Qaeda is giving the same reasons to justify its actions — the desire to destroy the UAV control centers and the American contingent in them. Note that despite the capture of these objects — the Headquarters of the 2nd MD in Mukalla and the DM complex in al-Aridi in Sana'a, they never mention the discovery of these centers and, most importantly, Americans. But loudly and with pathos they state that they would be killing Americans fighting against our people everywhere, anywhere. Interestingly, so far there has been not a single attack on Americans.

The DM complex of al-AridiThe DM complex of al-Aridi

In a word, these two statements are twin brothers, written by the same hand, only the names have been changed... The guys must be too busy, lazy to think, working by stamps.

If we draw an analogy with the events in Mukalla, we can assume that in Sana'a “worked” mercenaries, courtesy of the “old chaps” (“Muslim Brotherhood”) Saudis... Actually, after the attack on the Ministerial complex in al-Aridi, there was another explosion — the explosion of publications in local, Arab and international media, among which bloomed a bouquet of versions and assumptions, each author defends his own or imposed by someone version. One of the Yemeni Professors that work at the behest of the “brothers” and the Saudis, states that the attack was made by Houthis at the instigation of Iran, in order to move the fighting from Sa'ada to Sana'a.

Another well-known Yemeni writer and political scientist argues that the action was organized by Ali Abdullah Saleh and his clique in an effort to return to power. Another equally well-known journalist argues that Ali Saleh would be easier and cheaper not to give up his power than to take it again in such a barbarous manner, and that Ali Saleh is not that sort of a man. More accusations against Saleh — supposedly he is preparing an 80-day program of the coup, to this the author is being reasonably explained that there really is such a program, but it is called a “pre-election” one.

Ali Abdullah Saleh considers himself a full-fledged citizen of Yemen, with all the rights, including the right to stand as a candidate in the Presidential election

Yasser al-Yamani is right, and my own conclusions on the 95% coincide with his statements. The performers of the attack - or rather, of the attempted of the coup are “Muslim Brotherhood”, at General Ali Mohsin's active information and material support, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's financial and political support. I can't see any other version, as it simply does not exist in nature.

And again Yasser al-Yamani is right — it is necessary to wait for the next round, unless, of course, the activities of the main characters of this play is stopped right now... It is also reported that President Hadi was furious; there were fears that he would sack the Defence Minister, Minister of Interior Affairs and the Head of the General Staff, unable to cope with their responsibilities. So far it is just fear, though in my opinion, at the crossing horses are not changed, it will only worsen the situation, but the open and secret enemies just need to be removed.

But then, the President is quite an experienced person, he will sort everything out.

Finally, I want to mention that I was right again in my conclusions. On the morning of December 7 was published a report of the Head of the Commission to Investigate the Attacks, signed by the Chief of General Staff General al-Ashval. In the attack were involved 12 to 25 people, 11 of them were killed and four captured. First interviews showed that all the terrorists came from Saudi Arabia and most of them have Saudi citizenship.

Simultaneously it has been reported, citing an official source at the Pentagon that all parts and units of the U.S. Army, stationed in the region are on high alert. “The U.S. Army will fully support the Government of Yemen in the fight against terrorists and insurgents». Yemen Defence Minister cut short his official visit to the United States and is returning to his homeland. Well, then, as they say, we will see...

To be continued