August 29, 2018

USA-Iran: Countdown Started

Part 2
The flywheel is gaining momentum


USA-Iran: Countdown Started. Part 1

The United States of America is actively seeking effective leverage to increase pressure on Western Europe, the Allies of the IRI and the Islamic Republic of Iran itself.

August 16, 2018, in Washington was announced that the US Department of State had created the “Iran Action Group” (IAG), which is tasked with coordinating the USA's policy with Iran. It is clear that this decision is mainly administrative and there is nothing extra-ordinary about it. D. Trump's decision on the USA's withdrawal from the JCPOA requires clear coordination between all state structures, that's why the “action group” was created. Its Head is Director of Policy Planning Department of the US State Department Brian Hook.

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USA-Iran: Countdown Started. Part 3