August 16, 2018

USA-Iran: Countdown Started

Part 1
Resuming the sanctions against Iran has launched a number of important processes


US President D. Trump's decision to resume sanctions regime against Iran has launched a number of important processes not only in Iran but in the region, which, of course, can radically change the situation in the Middle East, and not in it alone. I mean the accumulation of contradictions between Washington and the countries of Western Europe and the growing rivalry between the United States and China.

Resumption of sanctions of the first stage from August 7, 2018, has closed Iran's investment opportunities and created financial barriers to US dollar purchases. With the resumption of the oil embargo from November 4, 2018, any company purchasing Iranian oil will automatically fall under US sanctions. The European countries are facing a choice: either to remain on the Iranian oil market and to get into the sanctions' “jaws”, or to give up Iranian oil and buy it from the United States.

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USA-Iran: Countdown Started. Part 2