March 17, 2019

Latin America. Analytical Review 02/2019


Kateryna Vakarchuk

The Political and Economic Situation in February 2019


How Oil Deposits Excite Democracy

In February 2019 the situation in some Latin American countries (especially in Venezuela) was tense. The region largely supports the interim President of Venezuela Juan Guaido. However, a new election has not been appointed, and N. Maduro's regime is quite “alive”, thanks to the army and all security forces' loyalty to him. Colombia and Chile have put forward the initiative to create a new regional bloc — PROSUR. The Cuban leadership is determining foreign policy directions, actively meeting with leaders of other countries, in particular Russia and Italy.

At this, the world community and the leading countries' being concerned with the situation in Venezuela, for some reason does not include the humanitarian catastrophe in Haiti. The explanation is very simple: there are no oil deposits in Haiti. But then, the crisis in Venezuela, as we see, “erodes” not only that country, but also its Caribbean neighbours. Haiti is no exception.

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